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As an experiential training and development company in business for the past twenty years, we are constantly creating and designing new experiences for our “clients.” Here are SIX of our “clients” who we are continuously serving for nearly every Grand Dynamics International experience we deliver.

1. The end-user organization we are delivering the service to, often comprised of:

  • The CEO responsible for optimizing the performance of his or her people
  • Key stakeholders or leadership team overseeing the event or training and development program
  • A steering or planning committee for larger corporate events
  • Internal meeting planners or administrative assistants


2. Third Party DMC (Destination Management Company) or Meeting Planners who oversee the coordination and organization of multiple moving parts.

3. Resort representatives who manage the indoor and outdoor facilities, rooms, space, F&B and lodging.

4. Production Team and Event Producer – Our A/V partners for audio, visual, staging and special effects and engineers who oversee the event production.

5. The participants! Ultimately the people who integrate the experiences into day to day workplace performance.

6. Grand Dynamics staff and delivery team and sub-contractors – YES! Our internal team of professionals work together to serve all other clients, and we continuously provide the essential information, resources and delivery elements for their success.

Summary: Each and every one of these clients has their own unique needs and ambitions for the perfectly executed event. The need to clearly communicate expectations and is paramount and we strive to exceed those expectations every step of the way.

Find out more about how Grand Dynamics International delivers the most unique, inspiring and impactful experiential training and development services available.

We specialize in:

  • Customized Corporate Team and Leadership Experiences
  • Executive Retreats – at inspiring destinations across the USA and Internationally
  • Team Building programs for groups of all sizes
  • Leadership development programs
  • Keynote speakers – with an emphasis on Adventure, Leadership and Teamwork

Check out our featured Mountain Seminar team and leadership program where we bring the outdoors to the indoors, anchoring an unforgettable experience to the most important messages and directives for corporate participants.

Our promise to you is a professional, customized experience designed to connect your people and optimize their performance for your organization.

Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can serve you, our most important client.

If you are looking to inspire, connect and equip your people in a unique way that will be not only unforgettable, but deliver the results you are after. Contact us today.

The DMC or internal meeting planner facilitating the details and contractors and…
The participants or event attendees themselves.

As an experience based company that delivers training and development events, we have many clients. Part of the success of delivering corporate events is continually seeking out how to exceed the expectations of all of them. In brief, here’s how we do it.

And this is an important distinction for any contractor in the event or training and development industry.

People often think that we are after the experience in an of itself. Not the case. What we are after is the result of the experience.

What will people do or remember as a result of the experience at the meeting?

To reinforce these messages (typically a keynote speaker, break out sessions or some unique general session)

Take the example of an annual Global Leadership Meeting and the primary “clients” we are serving.

The steering committee has come together to create the messaging, which has been approved by the CEO/C Suite team as the primary “thing” to rally the troops around. The result in this situation is that the key message is deeply ingrained and coupled with the behaviors that will actually positively impact the organization.

The meeting planner or show producer is wanting to make sure that whatever experiences are delivered go smoothly, are on time and are run professionally.