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Engage, Entertain & Inspire.

At Grand Dynamics International, we pride ourselves in being the Leader in Experiential Training and Development, and our diverse backgrounds give us the ability to facilitate a wide variety of programs. Within our geographic spread, we are united by one common thread – the desire to inspire the world to become a better place. At GDI, our core strength is in our people – and our desire to shape the world. Meet a few of our team members below:


President of Grand Dynamics International

Tim Walther has been the driving force behind the business for over a decade. Tim is a keynote speaker, facilitator, salesman, business strategist and owner of the company mascot, the lovable Chocolate Laborador, Telos. On any given day you might find Tim climbing a remote cliff, diving for Abalone, playing the drums or cheffing it up for friends and family. Tim is an international ambassador and has traveled the world seeking out remote adventures while sharing worldly philosophies on universal topics such as happiness, soul mates and living to one’s true potential. An author of Seeking True North: The Pathway to Freedom, Beauty and Success, Tim indeed enjoys the seeking, and embracing the process he calls life.

Marshall White

Marshall White is an integral part of the Grand Dynamics Facilitation Team and our Operations Director.

Marshall White, thrives on designing and delivering programs and will often be seen orchestrating the delivery of our larger, more complex events like the Ultimate Towner. While facilitating, Marshall uses a keen sense of observation and perception to draw out pertinent lessons and thrives on watching people and organizations grow to their full potential. He enjoys not only training and developing corporate teams and leaders, but also being part of a team; using this as a vehicle for personal and professional development. In his free time, Marshall enjoys backpacking in the wilderness with his wife Shannon as well pursuing his passion and aptitude for extreme endurance mountain challenges, often with GDI President Tim Walther.

Josh Morris

Josh Morris is the director of Grand Dynamics International in Asia and the founder and director of Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures.

A graduate of Princeton University, Josh has spent the last seven years working in Thailand. During that time he has helped to establish Chiang Mai as an internationally-renowned rock climbing destination. He has served as an advisor to the Sport Authority of Thailand in order to develop safety standards for rock climbing in Thailand. Josh’s hard work and commitment has helped to foster a strong rock climbing community which includes two Thai National Team members and a medal winner at the recent Asian Indoor Games.Josh is an experienced leader and motivator. He regularly leads student and adult rock climbing, experiential education, and personal development programs with Grand Dynamics International.

Scotty McGee

The man, the myth the legend… Scotty McGee! Scotty is one of our lead facilitators in the Jackson Hole region and absolutely loves teamwork and all that comes along with it.

As a specialist in isomorphic metaphors, Scotty enjoys a good laugh and making clients really appreciate the natural environment of the outdoors.
Scotty was first inspired by group dynamics in his Organization Behavior class in college and has been involved in educational and professional development ever since. He has worked for Outward Bound (OB) for 24 years, across nine states and led OB professional courses for the last fifteen years, both on-site and in wilderness settings. In addition, Scotty is also a guide for the Exum Guide Service and School of American Mountaineering in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In this role, Scotty instructs individuals and teams of all ages on rock climbing and leads climbs throughout the Teton Range including the Grand Teton! This enables him to share his love of mountains and teamwork with climbers and business groups alike.
When Scotty is not working, he loves spending time with his family. As a father of two beautiful girls, Scotty enjoy building igloo’s with his family, skiing powder, mountaineering, climbing and guiding routes in the summer. Scotty is also gluten-free and the author of several Gluten-Free Chewy Granola Bar recipes which adds a great touch (and taste!) for clients that he guides up the Grand Teton on our annual Grand Adventure and on other various mountaineering routes.

Glenn Slattery

Glenn’s goal, passion, and purpose are to live a full life and inspire others towards reaching their full potential.

During the past 20 years, Glenn has worked with 100’s of organizations and 1000’s of individuals to effect positive change. “I believe that organizational change starts with individual awareness. In addition to utilizing the most current scientific approaches, we can provide a unique and refined approach to learning through experiences. It is proven that change will happen when the approach to learning is impactful,” states Slattery “Our business life is an essential component to living a fulfilling life. By providing unique learning experiences, which create individual realizations, we can drive this new awareness to creating valuable insights which effect bottom line results” In addition to his career in coaching and professional development, Glenn is also an accomplished climber with high altitude ascents and multi day rock climbs throughout the world. He lives in Sedona, Arizona with his wife Lolly and son Trevor.

Aaron Feinberg

I’m Aaron Feinberg. I believe the key to professional success and achievement is rooted in learning new and better strategies for building trust, social fluency and self-awareness.

Through a personalized, collaborative and solution-based approach, I work with each of my clients to develop a custom-tailored roadmap that’s optimized for their specific needs and abilities.

I help my clients to improve their:

  • Leadership skills
  • Executive Presence skills
  • Management skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Communication skills
  • Trust and influence
  • Conflict-resolution skills

I bring a wealth of professional experience into my coaching, built on my background as a credentialed school psychologist, business entrepreneur and mountain-bike guide.

I’ve coached a broad range of professionals, from senior executives at Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies to start-up entrepreneurs and professional athletes. I’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies, schools, and individual business owners.

Contact me to schedule a few minutes to talk about your needs.

Mike Martin

Mike believes in the power of play, the importance of inquiry, and paying close attention to the teachable moments in life.

Mike works within communities and corporations alike, challenging beliefs, making people laugh (because they really shouldn’t take themselves so seriously) and removing the roadblocks that keep individuals and teams from moving forward together.

Mike began his career in leadership over 19 years ago with the YMCA, specializing in summer camping programs, outdoor education, and ropes course facilitation.

Mike went on to work extensively in the recreation and outdoor education fields, and in 2000 he shifted gears, becoming wildly interested in how adults learn, and the best ways to teach them. He earned his Master’s degree in Instructional Design and Technology from California State University, Chico, and uses this academic rigor to compliment the high-energy, cooperative and interactive programs he offers the world.

Kevin W. Corcoran

Kevin Corcoran – Retired 29 Year Syracuse Police Department Veteran.

As a young police officer and father of two, I was looking to make a positive connection between a job I loved and family living. I began taking leadership and team building courses leading to the building of rope courses and the facilitation of community groups. I made connections between community, school and business leaders to generate customers to explore and experience my enthusiasm for these programs. As interest piqued, my clientele diversified. My style and focus branched out. This hobby provided a healthy balance between my police duties, family and pursuit of purposeful living. My goals and life experiences continue to evolve and bring true meaning to the joy of life.
Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith

Brandon heads GDI’s executive coaching program, and has coached top executives at large multinational organizations as well as smaller companies and non-profits.

Brandon enjoys helping people clarify and achieve their personal and professional missions to create more successful organizations. Brandon has worked with large and small organizations around the world including organizations operating in the US, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Korea, and various countries throughout Europe. He loves the challenges and adventures that come with the international arena.
Brandon also has a strong background in business finance, technology and management, which allows him to better understand the challenges facing many teams as well as potential solutions.
In his free time, he enjoys meditation, traveling, snow skiing, rock climbing, hiking and spending time with friends and family.

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