We develop inspirational, world-class leaders and high performance teams through immersive training and development experiences.


Amidst a mountain climb of Mount Moran in Grand Teton National Park in Jackson Hole, Wyoming brothers Tim and Todd Walther became inspired to use experiential outdoor adventures to help business teams and leaders.  Thus began a multi-year journey that included formal studies with Bachelor degrees in Applied Business Psychology, Master Degrees in Experiential Education and Organizational Development.  

Working with other consulting companies including AON, Pecos River and Outward Bound Professional provided a foundation for delivery models and in 1998, Jackson Hole became the official headquarters of the company.

Executive retreats, team building events and Action Seminars were created using indoor and outdoor experiences for corporate groups. Over the next 25 years the company would expand to offer services across the USA and the globe. Specialized events and training were the hallmark of GDI services, all the while being featured in countless publications. 

Founded in Jackson, WY in 1998, Grand Dynamics began with the intention of supporting individuals and teams to achieve their highest potential and positively contribute to our world. To this day, that purpose remains our True North.



We Achieve Lasting Impact

We believe that events and trainings should leave a lasting impact. Yes, they should be fun and enjoyable, but if they don’t bond the team, teach them new skills, and spark some AHA! moments, then they have missed the mark.
We carefully craft our experiences taking into account client goals, company messaging, employee abilities, and the event setting, to ensure that your teams have the most enjoyable and exciting experience possible that will also uplevel their enthusiasm, productivity and leadership skill



Our People are Everything

Unlike many leadership and team building companies, our founders and staff are professionally educated in the field of organizational psychology and experiential learning. We have decades of experience delivering highly impactful events for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to SMBs. Our staff includes world class business leaders, adventurers, thought leaders, facilitators and executive coaches. Our training and experience allow us to offer clients a combination of business savvy, adventure experiences and leadership lessons that inspire and get bottom line results long after the completion of our events. Learn More



Looking for a company that’s done it all?
You’re in the right place.

Since 1998, we’ve delivered every type of event you can imagine: large-scale corporate team building events, keynote speaking, executive retreats, high performance team trainings, outdoor adventures, individual coaching, and more. We are constantly working to stay on the cutting edge of our field – innovating new events, perspectives, and teaching methods. We also contribute to the advancement of the field of corporate training through books, conferences and practice groups. This work is our passion, and we will stop at nothing to achieve our highest potential – and yours. Learn More

Clarify Your Purpose

Your goals and purpose become our compass as we design your event.

Prepare People to Learn

We understand the way adults learn. The scientific literature shows us that certain heightened emotional states promote greater openness, trust, willingness to learn, and the ability to see new perspectives. We specialize in creating these states for individuals and groups.

Teach and Model the Best Tools

We have studied and practiced almost every model for individual and team performance that exists. We curate and present the most appropriate tools and lessons to meet your goals and create the greatest positive impact possible.

Facilitate Experiential Learning

The great philosopher Confucius famously said, “I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.” Experiential learning is by far the most effective way to bond people and teach new skills in a meaningful way. Our expertise lies in facilitating these kinds of learning experiences.

Transfer Learnings to Daily Life

It’s one thing to go to an event and have a powerful experience, but we know that teams need support to effectively transfer these new ideas, experiences and ways of working into their daily lives. We offer these lessons and support during and after our events to ensure the highest return on investment possible.



Kevin SearsExecutive Director of Market and Network Services, Cleveland Clinic

The sessions that we had with Grand Dynamics were exemplary in terms of reinforcing what it takes to work and toil and struggle together to achieve our goals. It’s done in a way that’s relevant and fun. I was particularly impressed by the impact of the simulated wind and some of the exercises that were designed to be stressful. It was very clear to me that relationships were strengthened, and in other instances, new relationships were formed.

Oregon Imaging Centers

The training experience was unique. It kept my full attention almost 100% of the time. Using the outdoor activities is brilliant! The activities brought us all closer as peers and also as people! The mix of classroom, classroom activities and outdoor activities is well balanced.


Overall, the program was amazing! Not only did it show how to better work as a team it was fun doing so!


I liked that the activities weren't focused on one aspect of teamwork but that they were challenging, thought provoking, required communication and teamwork in an outdoor active setting.


most team building is just about doing something and ultimately ends up being just a shared experience - this one I felt like I learned something


Meetings. I'm dealing better with conflicts and showing a vulnerable side to my colleagues. It is working !!!


Thank you for developing a program to aid companies in the right direction! Grand Dynamics is impactful in such a positive way.


Yes, I feel that we are discussing much more at our meetings, bringing positive conflicts... this is happening because we are trusting more on each other


Grand Dynamics brings a positive attitude and simple scheme that create necessary impacts, not just in the workplace, but in life as well. I believe this company is great because they can achieve what you think you cannot as an individual and a team. As I said before something as easy as communication is very hard to obtain in a group setting, and they make you realize how easy it can be achieved as long as you take the necessary actions.


Grand Dynamics was a program that made you feel comfortable in sharing your true goals, ideas, and concerns with other members of the team to create better outcomes.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be sparked.”
– Plutarch




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