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Here are my 2018 top 5 business and personal adventure highlights of the year, and a few things I’m excited about for 2019.

Business Highlights

Grand Dynamics paved the way for some very rewarding professional experiences as we began our 20-year celebration and delivered our ever-evolving programs for corporate teams and events.

Top 5 Grand Dynamics Experiences for 2018

1. Our fully immersive, special effects driven, indoor Mountain Seminar expanded to include full-day programming this year.  We delivered our first Youth Leadership Mountain Seminar as a give-back event with great success. Grand Dynamics is now fueling the future with these youth-specific leadership programs.2. Innovative, phone-based technology was infused into our Amazing Races & Scavenger hunts around the country. You’ve probably seen the growing trend of smartphone-app based experiences. Now you can experience the Grand Dynamics Magic in these tech-enhanced, customized programs and special events. 3. The 7th annual spring Jackson Hole Ultimate Towner Community Obstacle Course supporting the Doug Coombs Foundation.  Another fun-filled Jackson Hole community obstacle course experience celebrating our obstacles and overcoming them together! Join us on May 19th, 2019 in Jackson Hole for our next open enrollment community event. 4. Several multi-day retreats with high performing teams in Jackson Hole, across the North East, plus a new West Coast retreat destination at the Brasada Ranch in Bend, Oregon. Twenty years of delivering these experiences and our multi-day programs just keep getting better. 5. Delivering my  “Live Your Adventure” keynote speech to one of  my favorite clients, the Cleveland Clinic. I highlight lessons from climbing, free-diving, multi-sport adventures and the examination and evolution of self and others and discussed surpassing the limits of human potential in the process. Adventure Highlights

After some reflection, I’m officially giving 2018 a 1 and 3/4 thumbs up! Other than cutting off part of my thumb while Spearfishing in Mexico in January, and all the recovery that went with that, I was able to pull it together and have a pretty banner year all around. A HUGE THANK YOU to all my sponsors, business clients, event participants, adventure partners, and everyone I had the pleasure of sharing some slices of life with.

I invite you to join me in 2019 for a customized corporate adventure! I look forward to sharing these experiences with you, including my Live Your Adventure Keynote, where I explore how we can all live to our fullest potential. Please enjoy these brief adventure highlights from 2018.Top 5 Adventure Highlights of Tim Walther – GDI President

1. Passing my Free Diver Certification in Barbados, then a few days later, finding myself 60 feet down in the blue water on a breath-hold, surrounded by Humpback Whales singing an opera of whale songs. 2. Mountaineering to the summit and skiing down Mt. Hood. Soon after that, bagging the prize gem and longtime goal of skiing the Grand Teton with it’s 7000 vertical feet, technical ice climbing and no-fall skiing from the summit required an all-around alpine ski mountaineering skil set. 3. Travel, ticket sourcing and “Active Spectating” at the World Cup in Russia for 5 matches, including the bigger than life Russia – Croatia match. There are so many lessons from the world cup and their teams in this global sporting event. 4. Endurance swimming and trekking between all the major lakes in Grand Teton National Park in a self-created, and quite epic, “Lake to Lake Link.” Rock Climbing and Canyoneering in Las Vegas and Zion National Park; continuing my passion for exploration with friends in remote and wild places.Bonus Finale – You can hear a podcast interview with Ken Lubin of the Executive Athletes LinkedIn group on The Comfort Zone, Adventure Sports, Team Building and Executive Retreats.  

Summary: 2019 and the FUTURE

All of these experiences were forged together with an engaged team of PEOPLE. I’m so inspired by my team of GDI contractors, clients, participants and strategic partners who all work together in a collective creative capacity.

2019 is looking like a bright crystal ball shining with new possibilities, new technology, new program partnerships and new experiences are unfolding us, ready to be embraced and lived, fully.

Innovations will be unleashed and people will breakthrough to their next level. It’s time. It’s YOUR Time. It’s OUR TIME.  I look forward to sharing in the adventure of our evolution together.

Now.. contact us today and join us for a 2019 experience together… let’s schedule them on our calendar… invite your people… and turn your dreams into reality!

Here’s to 2019 and beyond!

Live Your Adventure,

Tim Walther