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Executive Athletes Podcast:

Ken Lubin, founder of the popular Executive Athletes LinkedIn Group, and Grand Dynamics President, Tim Walther recently completed an engaging, albeit somewhat surprising interview and podcast. You can listen now here:–Tim-Walther–Founder-Grand-Dynamics–Mountaineer–Adventurer-e25noe

What’s in the Podcast?

In this unscripted recording, Ken dives in to find out about what, how and why Tim does the things he does, and how he brings his passion of adventure and learning to Corporate America. The conversation relates to anyone interested in the psychology of pushing the limits of yourself and others as a way of life and business.


A few topics include: Expanding the comfort zone, overcoming adversity, what makes people successful, the role of adventure sports and what Experiential Training and Development can do for Corporate America.

Walther shares stories about the creation of the Mountain Seminar and other team and leadership events, along with his personal experience of rock climbing, mountaineering, free diving, blue water hunting and a multitude of multi-sport adventure creations.

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Executive Athletes Blog:

Here is a repost of Ken Lubins published blog on his Executive Athletes Website, also found at:

Episode #24- Tim Walther- Founder Grand Dynamics- Mountaineer- Adventurer

Listen to the podcast here:–Tim-Walther–Founder-Grand-Dynamics–Mountaineer–Adventurer-e25noe

Executive Athletes Podcast Overview
Tim is an entrepreneur who has created his life around bringing adventure and experiential learning to corporate america. He is the owner of Grand Dynamics International, a experiential training and development company which he founded in Jackson Hole Wyoming 20 years ago. Since the origin he has expanded his team to deliver programs across the US and at select international destinations.

He and his team uses his background in psychology, business and experiential training to create a variety of unique programs for business teams and leaders. Challenge and adventure are integral parts of many of his programs.

On a personal level Tim constantly pushes the limits of his own comfort zone. From blue water hunting, to first ascents in remote corners of the globe to a variety of multi-sport creations in the the Tetons in Jackson Hole.

His latest Adventure:

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