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All is well in Kenya. Last week I wrapped up a series of business meetings with Omondi Otieno and the business and Nairobi cultural experience has been quite interesting. I have reflected on my last post about Kenya business, Uhbuntu and challenges that come in business with various cultures. Each has its strengths and opportunities and what I recognize is that it is important to honor tradition, yet also consider the point at which a strength becomes a weakness. More on that later.

You Can Support A Little Girl In Africa
Ultimately I am here representing Grand Dynamics and our effort to support ACV Kenya in their mission to support the education of children in the North East of Kenya. About $250 will fully fund a child for one year of education. If anyone reading this would like to contribute to this cause you can simply email me or contact ACV Kenya on our behalf and they will provide instructions for sending funds. The funding will be tracked directly and you will know what specific girl you provide the education for with her specific name and photographs and connection with her. What an amazing Christmas gift that would make!

Josh Morris arrived on Saturday morning from Thailand and we rolled into an amazing team-building day with ACV Kenya. As always Josh and I have been diving into the philosophy of adventure travel and I am looking forward to hanging out over the next week.
We made our way to Naro Muru, the launching town for climbing mount kenya and stayed at a very local hotel.
The climb
Approach will involve more than 18 miles and 12,000 feet of elevation gain before we begin the approximate 2000 foot technical climb to just over 17,000 feet. Our route will go from Silimon to Old Moses to Shiptons to Mackiners to the final base camp, which is the Austrian Hut.
We will climb to the summit of the Nelion and cross the Gates of the Mist to the summit of the Batian. If all goes well we will be waking up at 17,000 feet on Christmas morning!
There has been an extraordinary amount of rain this year, which means more snow than usual. We are early in the season and no summits have been reported this year on this route as of yet. The Report from the Kenya Mountain Club was brief, “Expect ice.”
Based on everything we have heard it seems like we are in for quite the adventure!
Peace and love to you all!!

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