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By December 20, 2011August 1st, 2018No Comments

In 2007 Corporate Motivation was created with the vision to create a platform for businesses to give back to the communities in which we live, work and play, while at the same time improving performance. At that time there is no way I could have predicted the trend that has taken place since then.

There is also no way I could have ended up on the path we are on today without the guidance, direction and current partnership provided by Grand Dynamics. It is becoming clearer everyday that in the realm of corporate performance, the connection between “giving back” to the community and being fully engaged in your work life and commitment to your job is synonymous; especially with the millennium workforce just now coming out of school.( ) Surveys, and common sense, dictate and show that, with all things being equal related to quality of product and service, the consumer is more likely to select the product and services of a company that participates in socially responsible activities. (Reference McKinsey Quarterly article

The experiences and interactions over the past several years have taught me that pretty simply, people enjoy helping our fellow community members in need! Not only do they enjoy helping, they also feel an emotional kinship to their place of employment that is providing them with the opportunity to help.

When you combine this feeling of doing something good, with actual training and development that makes the employee better at what they do, improves the relationships and communication of their fellow employees, engages the employee with a belief that who they work for is truly committed to providing quality goods and services as well as doing good in the community, the end result is a high performing staff on board for the long haul!

As CSR comes more and more to the forefront, we are thrilled to be in a position to offer a program that not only is a socially responsible program which has the potential to raise substantial funds, but a program that can also provide personal and professional transformations. We are all capable of such incredible achievements! Really achievements that most of us do not believe are possible. However, when given the guidance and support of an organization that is committed to quality, both in product and employee, and partners available such as Grand Dynamics and Corporate Motivation to highlight the needs of both the organization and the charity involved, we are certainly on our way to realizing those achievements!

CSR and performance improvement needs to be more than the current trend. It needs to be our culture. Blending philanthropy with performance improvement is our way of creating the leadership required to change and maintain a culture. The challenge remains to teach our business leaders that both CSR and profits can be obtained.

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