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Powerful Inspiring Easter Message

By April 26, 2011No Comments

The Agape Center – Dr. Michael Beckwith is one of my favorite empowering speakers. Watch this video. You can forward through to where Dr. Beckwith begins his speech at 48:50. He delivers such an amazing message.  A bounty of messages that helped me to feel the love inside, and I hope will help you feel that love too.  This isn’t a line, but you are so divine! You are beautiful, you are magnificent, there’s great power in you, there’s great potential in you, great creativity in you, the world needs your gifts, the world needs your authentic self, SHARE IT, I AM, let’s do it together!

I removed the video because it always auto plays when you come to the blog. However, you can go to the following link to watch the video and check out indigo platforms while you are at it. Cool stuff.

Easter Agape Inspirational Service Video

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