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By April 26, 2011No Comments

Today Grand Dynamics celebrates being in business for 13 full beautiful years and are thrusting into our 14th year.  Awesome!

Sure, you can say “Happy Birthday” and while you’re at it, join us for an EXPERIMENT!

We are seeking to get as many RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS as possible spread throughout the universe today!  Or you can call it a Random Act of Inspiration, Happiness, Niceness, Positivity, Beauty, whatever works for you!

Now I am sure you are probably a very nice person to begin with,  so you might challenge yourself to do something that is even nicer than usual!

So what should you do?  Sit with it for a minute and let it come to you! Begin to notice your surroundings and people. Begin to seek for small ways to make the world a better place. What gift of yours can you share?  What smile can you share? Deed can you do? Complement can you give?

It can be as simple as telling someone they are beautiful, magnificent, full of potential, inspiring, that the world needs them, or whatever you feel!    You could help someone across the street, give a flower, rub a back, do whatever it takes to make the world a little brighter. Help an animal, share something nice, whatever!

No need to spend any money, or even to explain why you are doing such a thing. And If any one asks to return the favor, you can simply tell them to pass it on to the next person!

If you feel inspired by making someone’s day a little brighter it would make our birthday to have you to share what happened, how you felt!

You can let us know by sharing a comment on the GDI Fan Page on Facebook or our Blog, or just send us a note.

That said, Reuben Gibson and the rest of the GDI team, and YOU  (you’re on it!) will be celebrating by going somewhere in the greater San Francisco area and completing 39 Random Acts of Kindness. Somehow, somewhere we will be sharing the love!

Your ROI will be ROI. Return on Investment will be a Return on Inspiration.  For Life!

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