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Registration Opens December 21!

Are you ready to create your future? The time is NOW. 

Your Mission… should you choose to accept it… is to receive the gifts of a powerful life vision by showing up for two hours on Saturday, January 2nd, ready to engage, reflect, create and share inspiring visions for the next year of your life. You will be guided by Tim Walther, special guests and each other through the process. 

WARNING: The techniques in this program will DRAMATICALLY improve your life! 

“The most powerful planning process I have ever experienced! The combination of guided visioning and specific steps for planning is something everyone can benefit from. This program is worth its weight in GOLD!” Brandon Smith 

When is it?

This interactive Virtual ZOOM Event takes place Saturday, January 2nd beginning at 12:00 MST (2:00 EST) for 2 hours. You can also register for our ALL IN Cold Plunge Adventure taking place on January 1st to begin the year with your FIRST BOLD MOVE!

Why create your vision for 2021?

Having a clear vision and clear goals for who you want to be and how you want to engage in the experience of life will create the future you desire. While this process is for you, even more importantly are the people who count on you – your family, friends, co-workers and customers who need your unique contribution of products, services and experiences only you can give.  It’s time to experience the joy and happiness you deserve while actualizing your skills and abilities to contribute for the greater good. The world is waiting for your greatness.

What is it?

You will learn and practice: 

  • The art of reflection and journaling 
  • Visioning to create your future
  • The science of goal setting 
  • How to navigate fear and uncertainty 
  • Clarity of your most important roles in life 
  • How to experience the emotional states you desire more often
  • Success principles of alignment and action
  • How to make a change – and stick with it
  • Adventure concepts to facilitate taking action 
  • Health, Wellness and Energy practices for living a Vital Life 
  • A process you can repeat at any point

Where does this Guide come from? 

The Personal Mastery Guide used in this program has been the foundation for visioning and planning by countless individuals for the past 10 years. NOW, we are taking the content and process and offering this in a virtual guided experience for you. This information and process is an evolution of intently studying and applying techniques from the greatest personal and professional experts in psychology, business and experiential learning.  We’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts and attended the live seminars and distilled the key concepts from the most influential motivational gurus of all time. Here are a few of our experts we will be crystalizing content from, just for you!

A few of our Experts:

Classic Motivational Mentors: Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Charlie Tremendous Jones, Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, and Jim Rohn Modern Day Gurus: Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Stephen Kotler, Jack Canfield, Tim Ferris, Les Brown, Gary Ryan Blair, Marie Forleo, Ariana Huffington, Chip and Dan Heath and Joe Dispenza and many, many more… Do you think these people know something about creating an amazing life?

“This is an amazing sum of some of the greatest motivational experts of our era.” – Tom

How will we do it?

Register today to receive your Zoom login, program instructions and resources. You will receive your Personal Mastery Guide with journal prompts to download, print or use on your computer.

Our program will include:

  • Your Personal Mastery Guide 
  • Welcome and Introduction to VISION 2021: Ignite and Re-Invent!
  • Reflection and Journaling
  • Accountability processes 
  • Coaching yourself and others
  • Breakout rooms for connecting and debriefing experiences along the way

“The Grand Dynamics virtual events are some of the best I’ve ever experienced.” John Losey

Who is the presenter?

Tim Walther, President of Grand Dynamics, along with special guests, will facilitate your program. Tim lives and Jackson Hole, Wyoming is an expert in applied psychology and experiential learning. He has helped elite business executives lead people, teams and multi-billion dollar organizations for the past 23 years. Since the onset of Pandemic, Tim has been delivering a multitude of virtual events including Adventure Spotlights, Team Building, Games, Magic, Give backs, Cold Immersions and now Your VISION 2021: IGNITE and REINVENT 

“You are clearly someone people will want to follow. The program was Obviously Well Prepared” – Jim C

Who is this program for?

If you…

  • Are ready to unleash your best self 
  • Want to create your future
  • Learn the science of peak performance
  • Experience life as an adventure
  • Are ready to clarify your dreams and goals 
  • Want to CONNECT with others, you’ll share an amazing experience
  • Want to GAIN CONFIDENCE to achieve your dreams
  • Are ready to live the life of your dreams in 2021

How Much does it Cost? Priceless, of course!

Regularly a $99 per person public event, this program is massively discounted and sponsored by Grand Dynamics International to bring these events to you virtually.

This is a ONE TIME offer of 70% off.

Your Investment $29 per Zoom Log In (Yes – Families & Friends are welcome to join together!) OR $49 for both VISION 2021 AND the ALL IN Cold Plunge Adventure (January 1) 

“I’m ALL IN! This will be the best start of the new year I can possible imagine. A BOLD plunge then planning and strategy to put my dreams into action. THANK YOU!”  JB

Our New Years Day Programming begins on January 1 with the ALL IN Cold Plunge Adventure – YOUR FIRST BOLD MOVE and continues on January 2nd, at the same time 24 hours later, where we will gather to Ignite and Reinvent our 2021 vision!


PS: Let’s 10 X your probability for success in 2021 The research shows us that those who write down their goals are 10 X likely to achieve them then those who don’t. We will give you the process that is fun and easy.


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Jan 02 2021


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jan 02 2021
  • Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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