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WIN-WIN-WIN How training and development opportunities for great companies of the world can benefit children in need

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Grand Dynamics International partners with Corporate Motivation to offer corporate leadership and team development in support of the African Center for Volunteers (ACV) and children in need.

The Big Picture

It’s an easy argument to say that our society needs to support mission driven not-for-profit organizations to help those in need. Other than individual consumers and supporters, donations come from the for-profit corporations of the world.  It’s true. Great companies today think differently about not only the bottom line but how they engage their employees and contribute positively toward a healthy society. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review drives this point home quite well.

“If companies are to serve a purpose beyond their business portfolios, CEOs must expand their investments to include employee empowerment, emotional engagement, values-based leadership, and related societal contributions.” How great companies think differently.” Harvard Business Review; the Best Companies in the World; November, 2011; Kanter

Ideas in Action

Throughout December 2011, Grand Dynamics International President Tim Walther and Corporate Motivation President Matt Campana will travel to Kenya with additional team members to work with Kenya corporations and local non-profit, ACV Kenya, in an effort to raise funds for the development and education of children throughout Kenya.

(Any Kenya-based business interested in such a program in 2012 may contact ACV Kenya, Corporate Motivation or Grand Dynamics at or to arrange an initial business meeting during December 5-16, 2011.)

The Framework

The framework for this program falls under the umbrella of Corporate Motivation’s CVR program; also know as the Corporate Volunteer Retreat.  The CVR program evolved by asking the question, “How can we utilize the desire for corporations to give back to their community and create massive positive impact world-wide?”   Thus, the CVR program was born.

Originally designed to offer a platform for corporations to offer a day for employees to volunteer for non-profit organizations as a type of corporate retreat, the CVR program evolved as Campana recognized two very important needs for both corporations and non-profit organizations.

1.     Non-profits need more than volunteers; they need money to fund their missions.

2.     Corporations need more than a platform for giving back to the community; they also need a way to improve employee performance and workplace engagement.


Proceeds from corporate investment in training and development are provided to non-profits to support their missions. Grand Dynamics International contributes this service as their way of giving back to support the missions of others to make a positive difference.

  • The company wins by receiving exceptional training and development, and a positive contribution toward society.
  • The non-profit wins by receiving donations toward their mission.
  • Most importantly, the children of Kenya win by having an opportunity they would not otherwise have.


Why Experiential Training and Development?

Grand Dynamics International utilizes experiential training and development to facilitate improved business performance. This comes in the form of active and engaging seminars, outdoor leadership and team building programs and customized programs that address important business challenges. GDI has been delivering these programs on an international scale for over fourteen years.  The core principles of these training programs are designed to promote a healthy workplace, foster improved employee soft-skills in areas such as communication and trust, and ultimately to facilitate increased employee engagement leading which lead to improved business performance. More information and answers to frequently asked questions about experiential training and Grand Dynamics can be found at


Corporate Motivation, Grand Dynamics International and the African Center for Volunteers are offering half-day to multi-day training and development programs for corporations in Kenya.  Corporations such as Eveready Batteries and Sony are scheduling the trainings for their employees and solidifying commitment for the CVR events in 2012. Walther and Campana will spend the first two weeks meeting with interested business representatives, and deliver introductory events.

To learn more about this program, schedule appointments or interviews contact:

Tim Walther – President, Grand Dynamics –

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Matt Campana – President, Corporate Motivation –

Kent, Ohio

Omondi Ontiento – Executive Director, ACV Kenya –

Nairobi, Kenya



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