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Tough Towner Obstacle Course Race Jackson Hole Frequently Asked Questions

By October 15, 2012August 1st, 2018No Comments

We’ve been getting A LOT of Questions! Here are some answers.

What do I get with my registration?
1. The Original Tough Towner T-Shirt: Those that register in advance will have a T-Shirt on site for when they finish. Those that register day of the event may or may not get a T-Shirt. $20 Value

2. A Pair of Fit Socks – $15 value

3. 2 Pro Bars – $6 value

4. One drink ticket to the Shady Lady Costume After Party (21 years and over only) – $4 value

5. 20% off all Halloween supplies at the Halloween Headquarters. Let’s go with $10 estimate on that one.

6. The story of the first ever Jackson Hole Tough Towner and extremely long-term bragging rights.

7. The experience of 4 miles, 25 Obstacles, 100’s of Fellow Towners, 1000 laughs (perhaps a few tears) and to know that YOU OVERCAME YOUR OBSTACLES!
Yes, you guessed it, PRICELESS!

PS: For the record, the rate is $49 until midnight on october 18th, then $59 on the 19th and 20th. The children and youth registration does not change.

Are there any ways to win free tickets into the event?
Yes, listen to KMTN, one ticket will be given away each day.

Are there any lodging deals for out-of-towners?
Yes. Special room rates of $75 a night at Snow King. Mention the Tough Towner to get the rate. The post event evening costume party is also at Snow King. How convenient!

Is there an age limit?
No. Kids under 12 are $10 and Under 18 is $25. My guess is young kids will have a blast in the event and we encourage families to enter in the Fun Class.

What are the Rules of the Tough Towner?
There are no rules. Wait. I mean, gentleman’s rules! Be fair and support your fellow Towners when they are in need. Follow the course route. Have a sense of humor. Laugh, smile and have a great time. Whine if you must, but don’t be surprised if someone tickles you.

What happens if I can’t complete an obstacle?
A. Fast Class: Winners of the times event must complete all obstacles. If you can’t physically complete the challenge, you will be directed by a Obstacle Monitor to do a series of something (push-ups, burpees, etc…) as a penalty for not completing the obstacle. These will be at the digression of the Tough Towner staff.

B. Fun Class: Complete as many obstacles as you can or desire to! The goal of the fun class is, well, to have fun. So give it your best shot and complete what you can. This course and our staff and the Tough Towner volunteers are here to challenge you to be your best and complete the challenges.

Can I do the course more than once?
Yes. If you are really up for the challenge, we suggest competing in the Fast Class in the morning at 10:30, and then running the course again in the Fun Class at 12:30. That would give you a short break in between rounds and a full-on 8 miler and 50 obstacles to complete. There might just be a special award for the number of total laps completed. It gets dark at 6:30, and the course will be shut down by dark.

How many people constitute a “team?’
For this event, we are defining the winning team as a group of 4 or more people. Which means, for the team category, the fastest team of 4 or more participants who register as a team, and start and finish together, will win the Tough Towner Team division. We encourage teams of all shapes and sizes to enter together. This event does make for a great team bonding experience. In fact, we encourage every business to have a team in this event and to support and for employees to find a way to participate, spectate and volunteer for the event.

Will there be food and beverages at the event?
Yes. Your post Tough Towner recovery meals will include Elk Sausage and Buffalo Bratwurst by Gourmet Mountain Dogs. There will be tasty brew by Snake River Brewing. Non-alcoholic beverages will also be available.

When will the awards be given out?
The awards will be given out following the last racers who can qualify for the victory. This will be dependent on the number of waves and when the final wave takes place. We anticipate the awards being announced some time around 5:30 PM.

Is there a photography contest?
YES – there will be a contest for the best photograph that captures the Spirit of the Tough Towner. All photos must be posted on the Grand Dynamics Facebook Event page to qualify for the prize. We are still working on the exact prize. What would motivate you?

Is there a Tough Towner Evening Event Costume Party Saturday Night?
YES! Clean up and keep the party going. The Tough Towner evening event party will be held at the Shady Lady Saloon, with live music by Wounded Knees. Each registered Towner will receive one free drink ticket good for the Shady Lady Tough Towner event party. Special super discounted Tough Towner room rates are available at Snow King Resort.

Will there be showers available?
No. But there are $75 rooms available at Snow King. We suggest bringing a few towels and a change of clothes for directly following the event.

I want to volunteer on the event day, what should I do?
Fill out our web form on the main page and select Volunteer. This will help us to determine the best role for you in advance. Otherwise, show up at 8:00 AM at Phil Baux Park and we will have a great job for you.

What is the deal with the Elephant with the Pink Tutu?
His name is Toughy. It’s a long story, but here’s a snap shot. Before I explain, I will say this, isn’t it funny how we judge that which we don’t understand? How we associate meaning and connect that meaning to our current paradigm? Well, here we go.

A. The elephant is symbolic for overcoming obstacles. An elephant has the bulk and strength to push his way through the jungle of everyday problems that beset common people everywhere. His trunk and tusks symbolize qualities required to push aside obstacles. His large ears hear the cries and woes, yet retains only the essentials. Like an elephant trail through the otherwise impenetrable forest, we can follow his large footprints safely through the jungle of daily life. His large body indicates the wealth of knowledge he has within. More important, it signifies that outer appearance has no connection with inner beauty and spiritual status. You fill in the rest for that one.

B. Check out The Happiness Hypothesis. There is a fascinating metaphor of the elephant, rider and pathway as it relates to happiness. Elephant = emotions. In order to get anywhere, we have to motivate the elephant.

C. And the Pink Tutu? Part shock value. Part intrigue. Part comedy. All motivation. That’s Toughy, and we believe that he is the perfect mascot for Tough Towner events. He overcomes his obstacles, and has fun in the process!

Those of you who attended Switch the Change Breakthrough Action Seminar have met our friendly elephant. Toughy was physically born at that seminar, although he was conceived long before that. Are we open to a specific icon that says “Jackson Hole” that the community wants to rally around for this specific Tough Towner? Yes. For now, Toughy is the original, and we’re sticking with him!

Got Questions? Let us have em! You can email, call our office at 307-733-1989 or post on our Facebook event page.

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