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Stories from an Inspiring Business Leader in Kenya Leave a Lasting Impression

By December 12, 2011August 1st, 2018No Comments

On Thursday of last week I had the unique opportunity to meet Mr. Philip Munguti of Jubilee Insurance.  The meeting took place in downtown Nairobi.

Mr. Philip Munguti is the Group Training Manager in the Human Resources Department of Jubilee Insurance and responsible for ensuring that the employees at Jubilee are up to speed on the technical side of the insurance business.  Moreover, he is also responsible for identifying current additional organizational development and training needs, as well as coordinating the delivery of those training needs for the company. A la Grand Dynamics.

On Thursday of last week I had the unique opportunity to meet Mr. Munguti.  This would be a meeting I would not soon forget.

The meeting took place in Nairobi and this was the third time last week I had been downtown, so Joyce and had the entry into the city dialed!  Joyce is my ACV Kenya support crew and we had a great time creating new opportunities, going to PR meetings and doing business together.

Mr. Mugunti welcomed us with a warm smile and his presence commanded professionalism and clarity of intent. We explained our Corporate Social Responsibility program, which blends philanthropy and performance improvement and is in collaboration with Corporate Motivation. In this CSR program upwards of 50% of program funding is allocated toward ACV Kenya, and on project of educating 100 girls in the Central Province. The meeting was filled with lots of interactive discussions, stories and examples of Grand Dynamics training in areas such as leadership development, change management and team building.

But the gem came when he told me HIS story. 

In brief, Mr. Mugunti has a Polio.  The disease has left him using two hand crutches to walk, and has also provided him with an amazing story of inspiration.  When he was a child he was so disabled that other children had to pick him up on his back and carry him to school. And they did.  This was at a time when children in the village had rarely seen a car, to the point of which when they did see one, they would run up a tree for fear of it attacking them!  He had vowed to some day return the favor to the children that carried him miles on their backs so that he could be educated.  And clearly Philip Mugunti made the most of that education in Kenya.

He has worked his way to a very prominent position in the business community and clearly excels at his work.  And not only that he has a passion for helping his employees and people in general.  Mr. Mugunti and Jubilee is a perfect fit for this CSR program Grand Dynamics.

Under the umbrella of Corporate Motivation and in collaboration with ACV Kenya, this program not only offers valuable training, but provides the platform for much needed education for children of Kenya.

I am looking forward to working with Mr. Mugunti and delivering valuable experiential training and development for him and Jubilee in 2012!

I am excited about what this week of business meetings in Nairobi and Migori will bring about!

Tim Walther

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