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Mike Martin

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Mike believes in the power of play, the importance of inquiry, and paying close attention to the teachable moments in life. He works within communities and corporations alike, challenging beliefs, making people laugh (because they really shouldn’t take themselves so seriously) and removing the roadblocks that keep individuals and teams from moving forward together.

Mike began his career in leadership over 19 years ago with the YMCA, specializing in summer camping programs, outdoor education, and ropes course facilitation.

Mike went on to work extensively in the recreation and outdoor education fields, and in 2000 he shifted gears, becoming wildly interested in how adults learn, and the best ways to teach them. He earned his Master’s degree in Instructional Design and Technology from California State University, Chico, and uses this academic rigor to compliment the high-energy, cooperative and interactive programs he offers the world.

His creativity and energy are two qualities that help Mike easily connect with others, and his areas of facilitation expertise include effective communication, values-based leadership, building corporate/community culture, accessing potential and engaging employees.

Mike lives in Chico, California with his Wife Angie, his two adorable sons Wesley and Wyatt and his yellow lab, Bailey, and is an avid mountain biker and rock climber.

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