An adrenaline-charged experience that brings leadership and teamwork into sharp focus.

For the past fifty years, team-building facilitators have been using rock climbing as a metaphor for life and business, and for good reason. Climbing teaches us to set goals, acknowledge challenges, push our limits, and trust other people and ourselves. It teaches us that we can strive to the top, as once-insurmountable obstacles fall with persistent effort. It gives us tangible rewards for completing our goals (excellent views!), and most importantly, it’s a lot of fun along the way.

Climbing can be a valuable and transformative experience for your corporate team, as the parallels between climbing and operating in an office environment start to become evident. On the rock, there will be naturally talented leaders and eager risk-takers whose efforts will only be possible because they are belayed by unsung hard workers on the ground. Some members of your team will learn certain skills (such as knot tying) easily, while others flounder for hours. Many will find climbing to be exhilarating and challenging, while for others the fear of falling may be too much to overcome.

Our experienced facilitators will help your team enjoy themselves while they reflect upon the days’ activities and help apply the things that they learned about themselves and each other to your corporate culture.

Have you ever done something that initially looked impossible? Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Move forward in to the unknown. Feel the body felt nervousness – the fear – be courageous – and move through it.

Adaptability – Failure – Resiliance – Support – Trust – Teamwork