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There is no doubt that fear, stress, anxiety, and uncertainty are becoming overwhelming for many. Social Distancing, Stay at Home Orders, and, yes, Plenty of Obstacles.

We could all use a bit of a shift.

How will we do it?

By stimulating our creativity, optimism, inspiration, and connection all through playing an interactive, FUN, awesome game!

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The final beta test is happening this weekend from 11-3 PM Mountain Time, with events each Saturday in April.



How Much Does it Cost?

It’s free (Donations Accepted and Appreciated)

We all realize it’s serious

And we also are serious about sharing our skills and experience to have a positive impact.
We understand that it’s everyone’s responsibility to reduce the spread of the virus. All activities are done at home or outside while maintaining social distancing.

“We all need to find the best in ourselves and each other through this challenging time and to help us all overcome our obstacles.” 

Tim Walther, GDI President, and Ultimate Towner Director

What is it, exactly? Here’s a sneak preview

  • Events with many teams participating at the same time
  • Designed for families/friends in isolation OR remote teams
  • Up to 100 challenges completed any time during a 4 hour period
    • Themes: Outdoor (with Social Distancing), Indoor, Corona, Trivia
    • Complete challenges together or divide and conquer!
  • All ages and abilities * Family and Kid Friendly

Let’s Add a Little Friendly Competition!

Solve FUN Challenges and earn points…. by submitting text, photos, and videos as proof of completion. 

The more points you get… the higher you go on the live leaderboard.

Curious about how other teams are doing? 

Check out the LIVE STREAM of submissions during the event!

When it’s over…

We’ll announce the winners in a live zoom room, have an event debrief to share the magic and watch a highlight reel of submissions. You’ll also get your own team’s highlight reel.

WHEN IS IT? This Saturday!

Our first beta test event is taking place…

Saturday, April 11th

11 AM to 3 PM Mountain Time

How do you play?

Register Your Name and Email to be a PIONEER of our first GAME!


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It’s Free. It’s Fun. You’re AWESOME!