Experience the Socially Distanced, App-Guided,
and Gamified Jackson Hole Tours!

Tour like a local and win discounts to local JH businesses.

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What Is It?

A local Jackson Hole experience for visitors!

Your Insider’s Tour to Jackson Hole where you WIN BIG as you complete Tour checkpoints. 

Watch our One Minute Video


Choose Your Mode of Transportation


Get clues from photos or videos. Submit yours to complete challenges.

Earn prizes from JH Local Businesses for completing challenges! Learn More

 Create lasting memories with fun digital stickers

Brain style puzzles will keep you on your toes!

Follow our easy to use app with google maps that lead you to tour checkpoints.

Test your Jackson Hole knowledge and learn fun facts along the way!

What’s Great about the Towner Tour?


  • Adults, Kids, Families and Friends all LOVE the Towner Tour!
  • Scenic photos, creative videos, outdoor challenges offer a variety of FUN for our Towners 
  • Check out the one-minute video to see what people are raving about!


Learn about Jackson Hole via text, photos and special guest video appearances!

  • Historical Events
  • Grand Tetons and Yellowstone
  • Wildlife
  • The Wild West


  • Start at any location
  • Go at your own pace and complete as much as you like
  • Start and stop at your leisure
  • Complete only the locations and activities you choose
  • Choose from Multiple Tours and Experiences
  • Enjoy BIG early Season Discounts on Tours! Did someone say 70% off our regular rates?  We did!  Enjoy our Downtown Tour for only $29 per team for a limited time.  Regular rate $99 per team with a suggested team Size is 2 – 6 people.


Win Discounts to Local Businesses

As your tour progresses you earn Free items and Discounts at JH Local Businesses such as:

  • Savings on shopping as Retail Stores and Gift-Shops
  • Special deals at Restaurants
  • E-Bike rental deals
  • FREE BEER at multiple Breweries
  • Discounts on margaritas
  • Free coffee at Cafes
  • Knives and Tomahawks
  • Toys, Ice Cream and Candy
  • Yoga Classes
  • Whitewater Rafting Deals

Private Tours

Customized Tours for your group

Private Tours include the following features:

  • Program Manager: A dedicated staff to design your experience
  • Event Hosts (optional) to greet your group and start your event & monitor and score event submissions
  • Emcee at event closing
  • Customized Course Locations
  • Multiple Downtown Jackson Hole Courses, Teton Village, Around the Hole
  • Customized Timeframes – 1-8 hours in duration
  • Unlimited number of teams
  • Customization of activities
  • Include some of your favorite group trivia or custom photo or video submissions
  • Live feed submissions(Teams can view other submissions to increase the fun)
  • Live event scoring and monitoring
  • Check the leaderboard and see how the competition is stacking up!
  • Customized event video – participant submissions produced during the event create the perfect memory of your Jackson Hole experience delivered within an hour of course completion at closing ceremonies
  • Coordinated event closing location for closing ceremonies
  • Enjoy tasty food and beverage at our preferred event closing
  • Watch your event video on the big screen
  • Celebrate your team victories

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Help us keep YOU and our Community Safe

Follow our Clean, Connected, and Careful Town protocols.

CleanWash your hands and stay safe
CarefulMaintain Social Distance and wear face masks in congested areas

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The Creation of Towner Tours

This summer Jackson Hole is inviting visitors to experience our town while taking the precautions to keep you and our community safe.

After 20 years of delivering customized adventure experiences for groups of all types, Grand Dynamics created the Towner Tours to offer you a local, insider experience where you can explore our town on your own, guided by our mobile app.

We wanted the experience to be both adult and kid-friendly, affordable, flexible, educational, rewarding and, most importantly, FUN!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to participate?

  • One fully charged smartphone – iPhone (Preferred) or Android per team.
  • We recommend bringing a backup charger for your phone (or an extra phone)
  • A positive attitude and your creative genius!

How easy is it to Tour?

  • EASY!  Once you register you receive an email with our app to download and game code to play.
  • Simply log into the app, open your challenges and google maps will show you our locations for you to choose from. 
  • Follow the google maps to your location where your challenge awaits to be completed! 
  • Many challenges have rewards and you can redeem immediately after completing them! 

How long is the Classic JH Towner Tour?

  • Most teams enjoy up to 1-2 hours of FUN per Tour
  • Complete as much as you like, stop and start at your leisure
  • You may want to take some extra time at our secret spots around town or take advantage of your prizes along the way!

Do teams need to stay together?

YES! Your team will stay together. If you want to go separate ways, we suggest you form a different team. Multiple team members may log into the game, using the same email and game code sent to you once you register.

How many people can play the game?

  • Recommend between 2 and 6 people per team (but individuals or a team of more can do it!)
  • Each team requires a separate registration
  • Each team uses one phone for event submissions

Can kids participate?
Yes! Kids love the challenges! There will need to be someone with a phone to navigate the course and appropriate supervision is recommended.
How do I take the Tour? Walk/Hike; Bike or Drive

  • Travel on foot, bike or public or private transportation – you choose
  • Rent JH public bikes located around Jackson or rent electric bikes from sponsors 
  • We recommend biking or driving to our Explorer Tour locations and driving the Around the Hole Tour

How do I know where to go?

  • Start anywhere in Jackson Hole and be guided by our app and google maps
  • Once you register and sign into the game app you will receive instructions via email
  • Our integrated course map and list of challenges will give you information to find all the location-specific challenge checkpoints
  • You decide on the checkpoints you want to go to and in what sequence

How do teams submit their responses?

  • Teams submit responses via text, multiple-choice, photo or video
  • Responses are captured in our system and are automatically scored with awards racking up in your app to redeem!

How do you “win?”

  • Fast or Fun – take as little or as long as you like
  • Teams accumulate points through submitting photos, videos and text responses.
  • More fun + more points = #winning

How am I Rewarded?

  • Teams accumulate points and rewards as challenges are solved
  • SURPRISE! Some checkpoint completions will be rewarded with incentives from local JH businesses!

Can I Capture the Moment?
Yes! All the photos and videos you submit through the game app will be available on your phone for you to use as you like.
Interested in a Private Event for your Group?

We offer group tours with multiple teams, leaderboards and customized courses. Contact Grand Dynamics for more information.