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Towner Tours – New Socially Distanced, App-Guided Tour Released for Downtown Jackson

By July 28, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

New downtown Towner Tour helps visitors socially distance while having fun and winning discounts to JH Businesses.

When the pandemic began, local team building company, Grand Dynamics, took their experience and app-based technology to create virtual games for people in isolation across the world.   

Since the reopening of Jackson Hole, our local community has been facing a different challenge:  How to keep visitors separated while providing a positive experience in Jackson. 

“Jackson Hole is packed with visitors looking for ways to experience Jackson while navigating the crowds and staying safe amidst the COVID pandemic,”  GDI President Tim Walther said. 

Their answer? A socially distanced, app guided and gamified downtown experience called Towner Tours.  

Towner Tours Jackson Hole from Grand Dynamics on Vimeo.

Combining leading edge navigation technology and 22 years of experience designing exceptional group experiences, Grand Dynamics’ app-guided tour takes you to the best spots in downtown Jackson in a way that’s as fun as it is rewarding.   

“We wanted our tour to be more than simply giving people information about Jackson, so we ‘gamified’ it,” said GDI President, Tim Walther. “The tour is full of fun activities that really make people’s experience of Jackson memorable. In addition, participants are left with fantastic photos and videos of their group to take home with them, as well as discounts to local businesses.”  

Visitors complete activities by submitting photos, videos or answers to trivia questions. Upon completing activities, participants win coupons to local businesses. Hundreds of dollars in discounts are provided in the downtown tour from more than 20 local businesses for free and discounted local items like ice cream, toys, beer, coffee and many local other local retailers.  View the Towner Rewards for a summary of the rewards visitors will receive. 

The Tour is created in an app called Social Scavenger, Grand Dynamics’ technology partner and all the registration information about how to download the app to take the tour is provided upon registering. 

“We designed the Towner Tours to be fun for kids and adults, so it’s a great family friendly experience.” Walther said. 

In addition to being fun and rewarding, visitors will also learn about Jackson’s history, wildlife, the Wild West, the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.

The tour is also designed to be flexible to meet the schedules and desires of participants. You can start the tour from anywhere in downtown Jackson and choose your own route to visit the sites and complete the activities. You can also do the tour at your own pace, and stop and start at your leisure. 

In this time when many are concerned about their safety with COVID-19, Towner Tours also offers a way for participants to tour in a way that allows them to keep their social distance. “If you go to one spot, and it’s too crowded, the flexibility of the tour allows you to go somewhere else that has fewer people,” said Walther.

For the inaugural launch of the Towner Tours, GDI is offering a 50% discount, so the tour is just $50 per group, with hundreds of dollars in savings to local businesses in each tour.  

The Towner Tours also supports local non-profit Teton County Search and Rescue

Learn more and register at