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Author and expert in Applied Psychology, Experiential Learning and Team and Leadership Development, Tim Walther is an expert in creating adventures and encouraging others to do the same. His philosophical take on training, exploring limits and getting after your goals puts him in a unique position to translate his philosophies to corporate America. Enjoy being blown away yet motivated by Tim and his new goals. Let him teach you how to create your own adventure!

The Post Session Podcast is a bi-weekly ocean lifestyle podcast for both women and men. It’s a podcast filled with the stoke of a surf session and the wise guidance of an ocean voyager.

Your water loving hosts, Ashley Chapman and Laurel Senick, are ready to share this infectious state of mind while encouraging and inspiring you for Your Next Adventure. With guests ranging from Surf Instructors, Entrepreneurs, and neuropsychologists tune in for tips, tricks and insight regarding all your coastal lifestyle interests. Our mission is to encourage adventure, community and spiritual growth with a big splash of humor.

Your hosts both know a great deal about chasing dreams, recovering from epic failures and the value of sharing a hearty laugh. While the ocean provides them with a beautiful canvas to share these topics so does their friendship and they want to welcome you, the listener, to join as a friend.

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