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About Grand Dynamics International

grand |ɡrand  Impressive in size, extent or scope; of high rank or great importance; Highly ambitious or dignified; majestic; noble; excellent.
dynamics |dīˈnamiks  The motivating or driving forces in any system’ The pattern or history of growth, change or development; force in motion.


Grand Dynamics International (GDI) is the leader in experiential training and development. We are dedicated to facilitating individual, team and organizational development through value-added, customer-centered, cutting-edge experiential training design and delivery. Our training and development programs are fun, unique, highly impactful and contribute directly to increased bottom-line business results. We are committed to inspiring the world to turn potential into action!


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GDI is comprised of a network of training and development professionals located throughout the United States and select international locations. The staff who lead GDI programs range from world-class mountaineers to corporate business executives and are selected for each program. Our staff is skilled in the art of facilitating experiential learning and delivering programs to exceed client expectations.


Team Building Adventures, Leadership Training, Customized Corporate Retreats, Action-Seminars, Conference Breakout Sessions and more! We deliver the most dynamic team building events and action-oriented seminars available anywhere. Each program is customized to meet your specific group needs and business objectives. We cater specifically to groups, teams and businesses and offer select open enrollment programs throughout the year.


Grand Dynamics International has offices located around the United States and select international destinations. We deliver our programs and services worldwide at businesses, resorts and a variety of outdoor urban and wilderness locations.


Our programs are available year-round, with select open enrollment seminars for individuals.


At GDI our PASSION comes from a combination of adventure and business. And that same passion comes from a belief that individuals have tremendous untapped potential to achieve anything in their personal or professional lives. We are driven to facilitate that growth and to positively contribute to our world.


We believe that individuals and teams learn best through experience. We actively engage participants in novel, unique challenges which provide a powerful metaphor and learning experience that translates into increased performance. We believe that adventure and entering into situations with unknown outcomes, stimulate innovative perspectives and foster positive belief systems toward overcoming any challenge. If you are looking to have FUN, you’ve come to the right place. We take our FUN seriously! All seriousness aside, we love to have FUN, and when you work – I mean play – with us, YOU WILL TOO!

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