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Kevin Sears – Executive Director of Market and Network Services, Cleveland Clinic

The sessions that we had with Grand Dynamics were exemplary in terms of reinforcing what it takes to work and toil and struggle together to achieve our goals. It’s done in a way that’s relevant and fun. I was particularly impressed by the impact of the simulated wind and some of the exercises that were designed to be stressful. It was very clear to me that relationships were strengthened, and in other instances, new relationships were formed.

Lauren K – Employee Engagement/Human Capital Analytics Manager at Zaxby’s Franchising (Following one of 5 Mountain Seminar Events rolled out over the USA with 1000+ participants)

It goes beyond a blindfold or a hypothetical game scenario. The participants are actually in the situation with physical obstacles and challenges in a completely different environment than they are used to. They cannot see. The cannot hear. The physical elements are upon them. And yet they have a common mission to create shelter together. They are truly in a different world at the top of the mountain, in this conference room space…Being in this kind of new territory, where they could not rely on their normal habits is where we saw the change occur and new insights form for how these individuals will relate to their employees and how they think about what they can accomplish together.

Rusty Dean, Blakemore Construction Corporation

What would I like to tell other leaders about the GDI Leadership Retreat? Don’t miss it! The opportunity to interact with other Chapter Presidents and talk and interact with Tim and Rick is priceless.

Yvonne Krause, Dunbar Mechanical Inc.

The Grand Dynamics leadership training was incredibly powerful and effective. I am leaving with specific tools and methods that I can apply immediately to both my personal and professional life. The financial return we are taking away more than exceeds the financial investment in this valuable learning process.

Rebecca Kimmell, General Manager, Zaxby’s

Grand Dynamics did a leadership exercise with us for our Conference recently in Chattanooga. They were amazing! They were engaging, they pumped us up (no easy feat, as half of us were in firm vacation mode), the exercises we did were fun, but not easy, it required participation in everyone and they led us effortlessly.

Jim Morgan, ASTRA MERC

I really liked the dimension of emotional intelligence woven into the growth awareness for the client. The delivery was articulate, succinct but engaging. The facilitators offered a wealth of information in these two days and complemented each other well.

Teaming with GPS Participant, HomeBanc

Very well crafted and unique. Very challenging with great life lessons. Great way to utilize out-of-the-box thinking for strategic business practices.

Ali Levee, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Retail

For a team that had “been there and done that” the All Mountain Challenge was perfect for us…an amazing experience.

Start planning your corporate retreat or team building event!