Technology meets adventure when one or more teams go on a high-tech treasure hunt.
Teaming with GPS is a dynamic team building event that utilizes Global Positioning Systems (GPS) as one or more teams go on a high-tech treasure hunt. Each team is given GPS units that are pre-programmed with vital coordinates of the hidden treasures, called caches. Utilizing leadership and team skills, two-way radios, GPS units, and additional resources, each team collaborates to find their caches, often while solving team challenges along the way. We have three primary designs, with variations, each of which offer different benefits.

Competitive – Small teams race to locate and solve as many checkpoint challenges in the least amount of time.

Collaborative – Organizational collaboration extended from a competitive design to accomplish the mission.

Complex Collaborative – Directed navigation, mergers and unique problem solving challenges take this GPS challenge to the next level.

This event offers a great way for individuals or teams to explore a local area, get to know each other and have fun! This is also an outstanding incentive program to offer as a supplemental activity at your next conference or corporate retreat. This program also highlights the team performance dynamics of leadership, communication, strategic planning, information sharing and problem solving.

Location Information
These outdoor programs take place in a variety of settings, from remote wilderness to downtown city centers. The only rule is that the GPS needs to track satellites to work!