Ultimate Towner

Grand Dynamics is the Title Sponsor for the Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course Race.

This event is an inspirational obstacle course race to benefit a variety of organizations doing great things in the world.



You’ve seen pictures. Heard stories. And more than likely asked yourself, “Could I do it?”

Let’s face it. The biggest barriers in life come from our own psychology. Our fears and limiting beliefs that hold us back. Every day represents new choices and a challenge of stepping into new territory whether it be launching the new product, having the difficult conversation, making that hard decision or just believing in yourself to let your true light shine.

When you see the fire burning, you may ask questions like, “How is it possible?’ and ‘Will I get burned?” Good questions! Oddly enough, these questions are very similar to the doubts and challenges that are often present throughout our daily lives!

In preparation for the Firewalk, you learn to instill confidence and trust in yourself so powerful that the emotion stays with you long after you’ve taken the last step of the burning embers. Turn doubt into confidence. Turn your fear into power. Create a bond with teammates not to be broken.

Grand Dynamics President Tim Walther has trained extensively in delivering the firewalk experience. Walthers’ confidence and psychology to lead others through unforseen barriers is present in his style and delivery across hot coals of the firewalk experience.

The firewalk is an unforgettable motivational, teambuilding and leadership experience your team will talk about for years to come.

In addition to gaining a more powerful sense of focus, strength, determination, trust, courage, and connection, how much can your team benefit from better:

  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Morale
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Profitability

Join more than half a million people who have safely “firewalked” across the coals.
Learn that every barrier gives way, every obstacle can be overcome and every challenge has a solution.

Rock Climbing

An adrenaline-charged experience that brings leadership and teamwork into sharp focus.

For the past fifty years, team-building facilitators have been using rock climbing as a metaphor for life and business, and for good reason. Climbing teaches us to set goals, acknowledge challenges, push our limits, and trust other people and ourselves. It teaches us that we can strive to the top, as once-insurmountable obstacles fall with persistent effort. It gives us tangible rewards for completing our goals (excellent views!), and most importantly, it’s a lot of fun along the way.

Climbing can be a valuable and transformative experience for your corporate team, as the parallels between climbing and operating in an office environment start to become evident. On the rock, there will be naturally talented leaders and eager risk-takers whose efforts will only be possible because they are belayed by unsung hard workers on the ground. Some members of your team will learn certain skills (such as knot tying) easily, while others flounder for hours. Many will find climbing to be exhilarating and challenging, while for others the fear of falling may be too much to overcome.

Our experienced facilitators will help your team enjoy themselves while they reflect upon the days’ activities and help apply the things that they learned about themselves and each other to your corporate culture.

Have you ever done something that initially looked impossible? Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Move forward in to the unknown. Feel the body felt nervousness – the fear – be courageous – and move through it.

Adaptability – Failure – Resiliance – Support – Trust – Teamwork


Snake River Olympics!

Scenic Rafting with interactive discussions and problem solving challenges on the raft and on the banks of the river.

Experience team performance and the world of “flow” as you experience scenic and white water adventures.

Enjoy panoramic vistas and view native wildlife throughout this guided river trip. The scenic views form a magical backdrop for a variety of team building initiatives on the raft or river-banks!

This activity is perfect for any group looking to strengthen relationships while being immersed in the natural beauty of a river environment and is specifically designed for groups desiring low physical impact. Add a Bar-B-Q dinner on the banks for a great addition.

Combine the River of Change with the River Olympics for a fantastic Team Building Adventure.

Location Information

Snake River in Jackson Hole and at selected scenic rafting venues across the country.

Wild West Adventures

Authentic Cowboy Team Building at a Dude Ranch.

When you are in cowboy country… the Wild West experience is a must! The Wild West Adventure takes place at an authentic working ranch (cowboys included!). Western themed activities include Corporate showdown, damsel in distress, calf roping, horse saddling, blindfold horseshoe toss, cattle herding and other rodeo challenges.

Location Information

Dude Ranches are our favorite locations. This program is also delivered on-site at our resort destinations. Check out the Diamond Cross Ranch, our preferred site for the Wild West Adventure in Jackson Hole, WY. Inquire about other preferred locations.

Murder Mystery

It’s a secret world of corporate intrigue involving international spies, stolen formulas, covert deals, and undercover deception. Your group becomes part of the action, as foreign agents vie for the opportunity to obtain a valuable new formula from an internationally recognized research scientist (our actors who move the scripted story along). When the competition turns deadly, it’s up to your group to help solve the murder, find the formula and expose the killer. Every individual from your group will be placed on a team and each team will work together to solve the mystery. During the course of the event, teams will have the opportunity to win bonus clues by answering a series of trivia questions. Teams must work against the clock and each other, finally putting their heads together to come up with a solution to the mystery.

Iron Chef


The Grand Cook-Off

The Grand Cook-Off is modeled after the popular Television show, Iron Chef. Teams will complete in a series of three challenges to determine who will receive first-choice in ingredients and other helpful cooking tools and tips. Once menus are selected, teams will race against the clock to make the best dishes possible. The Master Chef and our panel of culinary experts will judge teams in several categories such as overall taste, presentation and originality. This competition can stand-alone as a great team bonding experience or be added as a segment of the Grand Dynamics Amazing Race program. This is a fun, cultural and festive way to get teams really “cooking!”

Mountain Seminars

Imagine a small team, equipped with a single headlamp, entering into a pitch-black conference room… the light shines into wafting clouds of mist and fog as participants search for scattered pieces of equipment located across the “mountain.” The feeling of rushing wind simulates mountain weather and the sound of 100 per hour winds are deafening…