Change your perspective with a photographic scavenger hunt

In this dynamic indoor or outdoor event, teams are challenged to locate a variety of artistic locations or photographic snapshots. While tracking down various photographic perspectives, teams are also challenged to find area-related fun facts and information about their company. By challenging individuals to change the way they look at their physical landscape, teams will gain a better understanding of one another and recognize the way that their teammates process information in their environment. This program will change your perspective!

Location Information
This event is delivered nationwide and at select international locations, and can be custom-tailored for your venue and organization. Some of our favorite locations include the Georgia or Boston Aquarium, the Wynn Las Vegas and the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

Grand Dynamics adds value to the Change of Perspective program with additional program ice breakers and initiatives to set the stage for generating awareness of new possibilities. One such activity is called “Cool-Bummer” where each participant is provided with an objective while collecting objects (provided by GDI) from each other, all the while stating “cool” or “bummer.” Watch as participants all generate assumptions about what the think others are seeking and how interactions may mislead our perceptions. A perfect primer to a Change of Perspective!