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Seeking True North

So you say you want a RESURRECTION? Well, SOMEBODY has GOT to DIE!

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On Easter, Holly and I went to the Agape Spiritual Center to experience Sunday Service there and meet  Michael Bernard Beckwith. A friend of mine, Christine Stevens, told me about the Service.  She joined us for the experience and then left later that day for Iraq. She will be on a tour  delivering healing drum circle lessons among the war-torn Iraqi people.  She is amazing. And so was this meeting with Michael Beckwith – which was a long-time in the making as I have been a big fan of since I was exposed to his principles in movie “The Secret”. Since then I have been studying his work, listening to his CD’s and his name has been popping up all around me. I find it was no coincidence then, that I was supposed to meet him! Look Familiar?  Just after this, he turned to me and said, “Ahhh, yes. Brother Tim.”  As he looked at his signed copy of Seeking True North and said “THIS is mine!” Sweet.

Spiritual Connections

Spiritual Connections

What an experience it was! Wow. 3000 people. Maximum capacity. Mixed ethnicity. The Services (yes, I went to two of them back to back) began with a silent meditation session for 20 minutes, which then transitioned into the sounds of an amazing Harp, joined by a violin, and eventually by the rest of The Agape International Band!  Quite the way to set the tone.  Michael acknowledged the band and others and opened up by recognizing those outside – in the standing-room overflow area watching screens, “To those that will soon be listening to the CD, to all people, wherever you are – that we are all in the space of cosmic intelligence and releasing the high vibration and activating what is already within us. Immerse yourself in divine creativity. You are the emanation of divine potentiality and the evolutionary impulse. And you have got to go deep within to discover your own deep well spring.”

Here is some of Michael’s “Natural Sound:”

Let go of the LITTLENESS! What do we need to “let go” of, in order to evolve in our enlightenment? Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die!  So what has to die?  The first is our “littleness,” which I liken to a sense of lack or limited thinking. I ONLY have a little of this, or a LITTLE of that… Do you ever take a breath of air and thin to yourself at the same time, there might not be enough for the person next to me? HA! Take what you HAVE and bless it! if you are living in the “littleness” you are not necessarily afraid to fail, but to live! IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY LIVING LIFE TO ITS FULLEST – you ARE FAILING!  Be WILLING to let that which does not serve us to be gone!

What ELSE has to die?  How about the LABELS which others put on us, we put on others or we put on ourselves? What if your brother was the one on death row?  What if you treated every person with love, as if the brother or sister?  Are we using positive LANGUAGE in regard to our SELF analysis? Are we aware of when we put someone into a box that might not fit? Ourselves in a box that is limiting?

When you consider a situation, consider that the race is already won before you start! (But you still have to win the race:O)  What old paradigms are dying?! What unsustainable practices are dying?!  The Acorn is looking at the Oak Tree saying, “It’s finished!”

Jesus was “A deep dude!”  (Love that.) And he was one that found enlightenment in one lifetime and was able to allow the falseness to dissolve. As he was crucified on the cross, he was joined by the two thieves, representing the past and the future. TODAY thou shalt be with me here in paradise. Every Saint has a past and every Sinner has a future. And when you are in your darkest moment, realize that YOU WERE BORN INTO THIS MOMENT that would not have been revealed without this current experience. And it is in these moments that we may forge our greatest power.

“So shall we all – So shall it be!”

Move beyond your littleness, your labels. Move into the NOW and take your leap into LIVING!

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