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Seeking True North: The Pathway to Freedom, Beauty and Success is based on a beautiful, true story combined with practical tools and strategies to achieve what you seek in life. It is packed with personal & business development models, methods, tools and habits. The story follows two main characters, Freedom and Beautiful, through a four-day leadership advance as they realize universal lessons from an Older Facilitator and Younger Facilitator. The platform for the book involves the True North Compass which includes the major components of Prepare, Practice, and Passion. 120 models, methods, and tools are referenced throughout the story. Part 2 of the book describes these concepts in detail so that the reader may consider the applications in their own life. Seeking True North has been hailed as an outstanding success by Best Selling Authors, Business Executives, Training and Development Professionals, and by the World’s Greatest Adventurers. Download your copy today.