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For Immediate Release:

On Sunday, August 26th, 2018, Tim Walther, multi-sport adventure athlete and President of Grand Dynamics International, completed the Grand Teton National Park “Lake to Lake Link” by successfully swimming all the major lakes in the park, and traveling on foot in between.

The journey took place over three days and involved approximately 20 miles of swimming and 20 miles of hiking. The travel was from North to South, beginning with Jackson Lake, followed by Leigh, String, Jenny, Bradley, Taggart and Phelps.

The Jackson Hole News Reported a detailed story after interviewing Walther and support team members. You can read this JHN&G Story here: Walther completes Lake to Lake “Experiencing the park in this way was a real treat. I explored new trails on foot and certainly the swimming was an amazing way to enjoy a place that I love from an entirely new perspective. I hope others will consider exploring the park with various swim and run link ups.” Walther said.

He encountered bountiful wildlife along the journey, including bald eagles, snakes, a black bear and of course, a few fish along the way.

However, the adventure was not without significant obstacles. Walther overcame leg cramps, a neck wound, a torn wetsuit, a recurring shoulder injury, multiple bouts of hypothermia and overall fatigue. Challenging weather and conditions included chilly air temperatures, mostly cloudy skies with poor air quality from the ongoing wildfires and up to 40 mph winds.

Walther also reported having to “dig deep” on physical, mental and emotional levels as he swimmed TEN TIMES farther and longer than he had ever swam in the past, logging about twenty hours through challenging conditions across the chilly Grand Teton lakes.

“Seeing someone with at the brink of exhaustion yet being so determined to complete this very neat objective was inspiring” said David Gonzales, who Walther had joined for the original and now well known “Grand Teton Picnic.”

Walther shared his appreciation for all the support he received for this adventure in a social media posting. “Thank you to everyone out there, near and far, who supported my vision and mission on this Grand Teton National Park Lake to Lake Link. It was YOU that helped me to dig deep to complete this endurance event.”

Walther specifically noted thank you’s for supporters on this adventure, including:

  • Erik Kampe, Marshall White and David Gonzales for canoe, kayak and swim support
  • Kevin Meehan and Brian prax for medical treatments
  • Doralyn, Curtis and Stella for on course logistics support
  • Douglas Lonneker and Paul Dickey for research and coaching
  • Neesha Zollinger for inspiring yoga training, on course and overall support
  • Friends, family and community for the ongoing encouragement

Tim Walther is a multi-sport adventure athlete, and the president of Grand Dynamics International.

A few of Walther’s Teton endurance events have included:

The Grand Teton Triathlon (AKA: The Picnic): The original Teton multi-sport Grand Teton adventure (Bike, Swim and Climb) originated by David A. Gonzales

Around the Hole: A 200 + mile multi-sport circumnavigation of Jackson Hole. Watch the video here.  with Marshall White and filmed by Greg von Doersten.

The Modified Moranic: A solo unsupported multi-sport bike/SUP/swim and climb of the CMC route on on Mt. Moran.

The Snake River Complete: A 75 Mile high water SUP of the Snake River from Jackson Lake Dam to Palisades Dam with Scotty McGee

Tim Walther is available for interviews and a further detailed report by completing this form:

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