Written and Media Communication  

Focus on the art of communicating your message in a way that engages the problem or challenge people are facing with a solution you can offer.   


Technical Skills 

Dedicate some time to researching and create your list of technical virtual skills, starting with the basics in Zoom and then integrating other platforms.  List your technical skills including co-hosting, managing breakout rooms, using chat features, integrating polling software and screen sharing during events.   


Teaching Techniques  

Use your skills from face to face facilitation and translate them to the virtual context. Continuous engagement with frequent and varied interactions in the virtual space is critical. Facilitate these interactions through questions, chats, and breakouts. Cultivate a list of virtual activities and experiential initiatives for your program outcomes, and capture content and takeaways to transfer the experience and learning.  Reach out to your network of cohorts to share best practices and develop your new bag of virtual tools.