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June 2010 Flashback: Josh Morris, GDI International Program Manager competes in World Championship Climb of Sand Skypark Hotel

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Many of you who are familiar with Grand Dynamics staff will know that we have a fondness to climbing buildings. Sometimes it gets us in a little “heat” but we love the adventure of climbing just about anything, including buildings of various sizes and shapes. Not to be outdone, Josh Morris, our International GD “Man, Myth and Legend” has taken things to the next level. This time the “Buildering” was legal. Not only legal, it was televised on ESPN television! This event was part of the Marina Sands grand opening events in Singapore. The event sought out 21 of the “best climbers in the world” to represent their country in a race up three towers… Read on and check out the links and info below for more information. If you look real close on the ESPN video you will see Josh topping out in a white helmet on the first tower, just below the first place climber. Did I mention these were the best climbers in the world? Nice work, Josh, real nice…

Side Note: Josh is the lead program manager for Grand Dynamics events that take place throughout Asia. Contact us today for the ultimate team building and experiential training events in Thailand and surrounding countries.

You can you search “You Tube World Championship Climb to the Sands SkyPark” and check out various media sources and videos about the event. Here is a nice link to a few videos and the story, sumarized below.
Senatus Media Coverage on Sand Sky Park Event

SINGAPORE June 23 2010 – Twenty one professional climbers embarked on a first of its kind challenge to scale the world’s newest architectural icon, Marina Bay Sands, in Singapore as part of its Opening Celebration festivities.

The World Championship Climb to the Sands SkyPark featured renowned climbers from around the globe who scaled the facades of the three interlinked 55-story hotel towers, to the SkyPark on the 57th floor.

This first-ever building climbing championship was a speed climbing competition executed in the form of a team relay. Each team had to scale the three 55-story hotel towers at a height of 200 meters in succession, followed by a dramatic finish line sprint across 340 meters of the Sands SkyPark where live TV cameras and news media awaited the winners.

The seven teams were made up of three climbers, with each team comprising one female and two male climbers. The climbers, which represented seven different regions and over ten countries around the world including Singapore, China, Thailand, Vietnam and the United Kingdom, were all world-class professional climbers.

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