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Join Grand Dynamics for an
empowering personal and professional development retreat:
The Inner Mountain Expedition to Iceland,
December 9-14, 2019

~A Live Your Adventure Experience~

5 Days of Total Immersion

Discover the Wim Hof Method – In Iceland!

REGISTER by October 31st for the Early Bird Registration 


Find out all about it!
Listen to the captivating conference call that features:

  • Wim Hof Method
  • High-Performance Strategies
  • A special invitation (and discounted registration) to join Grand Dynamics in Iceland for an experience of a lifetime!
  • Presented by Grand Dynamics and Inner Mountain Expeditions Experts
  • Grand Dynamics President, Tim Walther
  • Senior Wim Hof Method Trainer, Daniel Kluken
  • Movement & Longevity Expert, Ingvild Molenaar

Access the conference call and discounted registration code here:

[contact-form-7 id=”7618″ title=”Grand Dynamics-Inner Mountain Conference Call”]Are you ready for an epic adventure? This Inner Mountain Immersive Training, in the beautiful surroundings of Raw Nature, is specially designed for people who want to dive deep into their own evolution. In this training you’ll learn and implement everything there is to learn about the Wim Hof Method and combine that with a powerful  mixture of personal development tools.You’ll explore beyond known territory. Swimming in frozen lakes, finding deep focus within yourself, hiking in snowy mountains, breathing like you’ve never breathed before, finding new space through movement and so much more to help you get in tune with your own true nature. Learning about and experimenting with new skills. Using raw nature as our testing ground. Discovering that you are capable of more than you ever thought was possible. Together with an international group of legends.Who is this training for
The training is suitable for all levels of experience, and all ages of 18 and upwards.
We keep our groups smaller with a max of 24 participants and 2 trainers.
The groups are usually a mixture between professional coaches, movers, trainers, entrepreneurs and private people. People come from all over the world, different social and economical backgrounds, different ages and different levels of experience. What connects all participant is curiosity and the will to evolve.
The diversity within the group adds great value to the learning progress due to all of the different perspectives.

What You’ll get
* 5 nights of accommodation
* Food & Drinks inclusive
* A personal journal
* 5 days without regular use of your smartphone and social media
* The use of the wellness facilities
* Working in a smaller group with a lot of personal attention
* Incredible Nature
* A fully packed training program that will blow your mind in the very best way

Where you’ll stay
We select our location and accommodations with great care. Always looking for high quality, clean food and great surrounding nature. Every country and location has it’s own special characteristics. 
Rooms are shared usually with a maximum of 2 persons per room.

Details for planning your journey will be provided after signing up.

Arrivals & departure
Arrivals are between 16:00 – 18:00 hours on the first day of your selected training.
Departure are after breakfast around 11:00 hours on the last day of your selected training.

REGISTER by October 31st for the Early Bird Registration 


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