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Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Summer Team Building Adventure

By February 20, 2012August 1st, 2018No Comments

Groups heading to Jackson Hole this summer have an opportunity to experience the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Grand Dynamics Style. One such program is the Grand Dynamics All Mountain Challenge program, and in particular the Mountain Traverse.  The Mountain Traverse is a modification on our programming that has been taking place on the mountain for over ten years.  This program involves a 4, 000 foot  aerial tram ride and navigation down the mountain on access roads to the Gondola.

This hike provides a scenic walk of about two miles, which is mostly moderate down-hill!  There is a short ten minute uphill finish, approximately 10 minutes,  to complete the experience and to access the gondola ride back down the mountain.

What makes this program unique is what happens along the way.

Headquartered in Jackson Hole since 1998, Grand Dynamics International has been offering unique team building programs and events for nearly 15 years. Grand Dynamics offers programs to groups who are seeking to optimize their time in Jackson through unique experiential learning programs. The setting of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort offers an outstanding venue for such an experience.

The programing that takes place on the mountain is unique to each group experience.  After careful consideration of the groups goals and objectives, Grand Dynamics designs a series of experiential initiatives which take place at various “secret” locations on the mountain.  Amazing race style checkpoints to longer facilitated initiatives, Grand Dynamics will choose the program that is most appropriate for your group in a way that maximizes the value and return for the investment.

One of the key focus ares is determining the critical conversations that would best suit the group throughout the experience.  Sharing experiences on best practices, information sharing, relationship building, systems thinking, overcoming challenges, courageous leadership are just a few of the focus areas which are common in this type of an experience.

Contact Grand Dynamics today and discover what an amazing experience that awaits you, your team and your business in the mountains of Jackson Hole!

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