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Swim and run in between major lakes in Grand Teton National Park to complete the “Lake to Lake Link.”

Is it possible? For me? For us? For the Team? This is the quintessential question of all adventure pursuits… in life and in business.  Next week GDI President Tim Walther will attempt a new swimming and running endurance event Jackson Hole, Wyoming dubbed the “Lake to Lake Link.”  The challenge is to swim all of the major lakes in Grand Teton National Park, starting with Jackson Lake and finishing with Phelps Lake, while traveling on foot in between.  The total distance is estimated at 20 +++ miles of swimming and 17 + miles on foot.

Apart from the fitness required for open water endurance swimming, there are plenty of unknown variables to make this a monumental challenge.

“Cooling air and water temperatures, notoriously high wind, waves, nutrition and hydration consumption, cramping and the tinges in my right shoulder during recent training swims, all present their own challenges to be overcome,” Walther said. 

And yet this evolving open water swimming sport has plenty of athletes who have met similar challenges in other open swims and ocean crossings, such as the Ocean’s 7 Crossings

Walther will attempt this new challenge on August 24th and 25th, 2018 and you can check updates on his facebook page.

You can view the route of the Lake to Lake Link here: 

Walther swimming on Jackson Lake - PC: Erik Kampe
Grand Teton National Park Lake to Lake Link Map

A few of Walther’s Teton endurance events have included:

The Grand Teton Triathlon (AKA: The Picnic): The original Teton multi-sport Grand Teton adventure (Bike, Swim and Climb) originated by David A. Gonzales

Around the Hole: A 200 + mile multi-sport circumnavigation of Jackson Hole. Watch the video here.  with Marshall White and filmed by Greg von Doersten.

The Modified Moranic: A solo unsupported multi-sport bike/SUP/swim and climb of the CMC route on on Mt. Moran. 

The Snake River Complete: A 75 Mile high water SUP of the Snake River from Jackson Lake Dam to Palisades Dam with Scotty McGee 

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“There are many lessons from adventure pursuits that parallel business success. I am here to share them with you and the business community. As an Adventure Speaker I share insights into the continuous pursuit of pushing the limits of possibility, and what it takes to get your team doing the same! YES. IT IS POSSIBLE.” Tim Walther