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How to create your vision and set goals for 2014 – Your free gift from Grand Dynamics: A Personal Mastery Guide to 2014

By January 4, 2014August 1st, 2018No Comments

Greetings Success Seekers! If you’re reading this then I know you are someone ready to take life to new heights. Congratulations and welcome to your personal mastery guide for 2014. This is my gift to help you to create your most incredibly awesome year of your life.

I have outlined a process for reflection on some of your greatest life achievements and magic moments in 2013. And I have also offered a process for not only your goal setting, but the foundation for setting those goals – your personal vision, roles and purpose. These are often the missing elements that will facilitate your success and follow through.

Lastly, I have included additional resources with research, information and articles to reinforce the concepts of change and goal setting. Find out Why 3% of Harvard MBAs Make Ten Times as Much as the Other 97% Combined, discover the power of your sub-conscious mind and how your brain’s gate keeper, the Reticular Activating System, directs your attention unconsciously to achieve goals you set. Enjoy bountiful content and a beautiful process for YOU!!!!

I wish you all the best in 2014.

May all your dreams be powerful and positive and a reflection of the best “you” that only you can be!

Now… Let’s do this!

Tim Walther


Grand Dynamics International

PS: If you are in Jackson Hole, please join me on January 8th for an 2014 New Year Goal Setting Action Seminar as we bring to life the content in this Personal Mastery Guide.

Put your name and email in the space below. Don’t worry, there won’t be some annoying series of emails trying to sell you on something. This is a gift by Grand Dynamics and if you are interested in what we offer than great, contact us. Otherwise, enjoy!

Here is a summary of content included in your guide:

  • Prepare Yourself and Your Environment for Success
  • Life Reflections
  • Your life success strategies
  • Magic Moments, Learning and Growth from 2013
  • My Magic Moments, Learning and Growth from 2013
  • Create Momentum with a “Life-List”
  • What do you really want?
  • The Ultimate Vision, Purpose, Roles and Goals for Success
  • Sample Personal Categories and Roles
  • Goal Setting
  • Personal Vision, Purpose, Roles and Goals – Sample: Physical Power
  • My Personal Vision, Purpose, Roles and Goals
  • My Professional Vision, Purpose, Roles and Goals
  • Research, Articles and Resources
  • The secrets behind a successful New Year’s Resolution
  • The origin of the new years resolution
  • A few statistics about New Year Resolutions
  • Your Brain on Goal Setting
  • Identify with your Identity
  • Human Osmosis
  • Negative verses Positive Motivation
  • Get Ready to Fail
  • Understand and Use Psychological Anchors and Triggers
  • Why 3% of Harvard MBAs Make Ten Times as Much as the Other 97% Combined 25
  • A Real Goal Setting Study
  • Switch your concept for Changes in 2014
  • 4 Research-backed tips for sticking to your new years resolutions





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