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How safe is a team building or experiential leadership training program?

By March 22, 2011No Comments

How safe are Grand Dynamics team building or experiential leadership programs, physically and emotionally?

Grand Dynamics programs often involve activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, bridge building and team problem solving initiatives. These activities feel adventurous because the perceived risk of these activities is much higher than the actual risk. As such, these activities can be powerful tools to help people confront fears, set goals, and feel what it is like to step out of the “comfort zone” and into the “growth zone.” That said, there is a distinct science behind challenging people to push their limits and also maintain safety. Over eleven years of providing adventurous activities, we are proud to report that GDI has never had an accident or hospitalization. In our opinion, the biggest risk in experiential training programs is the emotional risk when participants challenge themselves among their peers. At GDI we make every effort to provide not only a physically safe experience, but an emotionally safe experience as well. We adhere to the “Challenge By Choice” philosophy and emphasize the Full Value Contract, where participants respect the level of engagement of their peers.

For more information and frequently asked questions about team building, experiential leadership training or Grand Dynamics International, check out our FAQ page and of course, contact for detailed information.

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