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I picked up the phone in anticipation of the news. “Our legal team has decided to cancel our global corporate event due to the risk of an ensuing Covid-19 pandemic.”

It was the first of countless event cancellations and the beginning of a social shattering of Corporate America. Displaced workers, families in isolation, and the emotions of fear and uncertainty began to spread more rapidly than the virus itself. A new adventure was about to begin.  One that would go into new territory.  

Grand Dynamics gathered our team to do what we do best: Provide leadership in an uncertain environment.

But how would we do it?   

We asked ourselves many critical questions to direct our next action steps:

  • What do we have within our control?
  • What resources do we have and more importantly, how can we be resourceful?
  • How can we use our experience to successfully navigate the future?
  • How can we contribute and serve others in need?
  • How can we lead as a positive influence amidst a state of fear and uncertainty?

Our Response to the Corona Pandemic…

CREATING EXPERIENCES that inspire and connect families, friends, and
co-workers through remote and virtual offerings.

“The impediment to action advances action.

What stands in the way becomes the way.” Marcus Aurelius

It’s time to Experience Grand Dynamics Virtual programs!

We got to work. We started by getting clear on our outcomes, brainstorming and continued with intense thinking and hard work.  Next, we began experimenting with the technology platform that we use in our corporate events. 

Could we create experiences and delivered the to anyone around the world? 

We dove into development and launched our first beta test public event on April 11th.  We called it the Corona Times Virtual Adventure!

It would NOT be a computer game.  The phone or computer would give the framework for:


We choose to offer the beta test for FREE with a way for people to donate during the game.  

The response was astounding!

Over 1000 experiences were delivered to people from over 20 states across the USA. Families, Friends, Co-Workers, and Remote Teams all came together to have fun together. 

The comments started rolling in:

“Thank You for delivering such an amazing day!… it was so needed!”

“The most creative game I have ever played!”

“The First time in many weeks that I actually forgot about the “virus and associated problems.”

We created this video to showcase our first event.

The experience of contributing something positive was simply amazing. We decided to keep going.

So what exactly are Virtual Programs and Events?

  • GDI Experiences delivered to people at any location – worldwide
  • Activities that promote fun, creativity, and resourcefulness
  • Experiences for families and friends in isolation
  • A new way for displaced workers to connect
  • The integration of Smartphone Apps, Web and Zoom Technology


How does it work?

  • Activities are viewed in the smartphone app or web browser
  • Teams complete activities via text, photo or video in the game app
  • Points are awarded
  • A Live Stream shows what others are completing in real-time
  • The Leaderboard features points of all teams participating

We decided to keep going. More events would mean more impact. 

5 public virtual events in 3 weeks of isolation during April 2020… countless people from 30 USA states… and multiple countries worldwide… And People RAVING about it!

“Engaging and VERY different activities for the family during down-time!”

“What a COOL, shared experience!”


This experience was such a gift for our family. We can’t thank you enough.

As people experienced our public events, groups of all types reached out to book private events for their schools, businesses, and communities.

What are Grand Dynamics Virtual Private Events?

Virtual Private events are designed and delivered specifically for your group.  These events are delivered just for your people or community to connect with each other.  

Private Event Features

  • Program Manager to design and deliver your experience
  • Event Hosts for monitoring Zoom Rooms, submissions and player notifications
  • Customized Event Elements with hundreds of challenges to choose from
  • Customized Timeframes of 1-8 hours in duration
  • An unlimited number of in-tact or remote teams
  • Customized messages from your VIPs
  • Customized event videos delivered at closing ceremonies

You might be wondering…

Does it follow social distancing and stay at home protocols? Absolutely!

  • All challenges are completed at home or nearby

What if I have questions during the game?

  • Hosted Zoom Room stays open for questions or technical support

How much does it cost?

Public Events

We decided to offer Our Public Events for Free as our way of serving during Corona Times.  We offer a donation-based platform for people to contribute based on their capacity. It is also a way for leaders to experience this platform, games, and FUN as consideration for booking their own paid private event. 

Sponsoring a Public Event:  A company can sponsor our public events!   

Help us spread the word and support these experiences being delivered to people worldwide in a time we need them most. 

HOW?  Cash for sponsorship or prizes or rewards to people playing the game. 

We will feature your business in promotions and offer incentives for people to support your business in return. 

Interested in being a public event sponsor?  Contact us  or just send a quick email to info at 

Investing in a Private Virtual Event

Join us in our efforts to make a positive impact during this pandemic.  Let’s spread the good vibes to your people!!!

We work with organizations of all types and are happy to work with you on your budget to bring these experiences to as many people possible.

Of course, we have event costs including our business operations, server space to run the events, staffing for our event delivery, time to create the perfect event for your organization.

Who is it for?

Private events are available for anyone who wants to have their own Grand Dynamics experience.  Private Events are Great For:

  • Corporate Events or Summits
  • Employees of a business 
  • Families of employees in a business
  • Communities, Towns or Associations
  • Any groups who want a private experience 

Private Event Pricing

Pricing is based on the following variables:

  • Type of organization – For-Profit, Non-Profit, Education/School
  • Number of teams expected to play the game
  • Number of event sponsors
  • Whether or not participant donations are included
  • Date, time, and duration for the event
  • Custom Items Included
  • Custom elements such as event videos

Register for a public event to experience the magic or contact us to schedule a private event for your group!


Our Virtual Games will be OPEN ALL WEEKEND!   Friday night to Sunday.  Play as little or as much as you like!   Zoom calls will open and close the event and additional weekend Zoom Calls are available for groups of people who desire technical assistance or times to kick off playing together. 

Register Now for your Free Game Code

Here’s to spreading what the world needs most to help each other through this pandemic!