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How Do You Like Your Recognition? How to identify intrinsic verses extrinsic motivation for recognition

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Check out this brief check list that can help you and your team determine extrinsic verses intrinsic forms of recognition.  Reply to this and add additional external or internal motivators that might be beneficial to consider.

How Do You Like Your Recognition?

Directions: Please review the following list of forms of recognition. Check the forms that you value and would like to receive. You may check as many as you like, but only check the ones that appeal to you.

  1. _____ To receive positive verbal feedback at a staff meeting.
  2. _____ To be asked to take on a tough problem or a new challenge.
  3. _____ To be asked to give a presentation on your work at a staff meeting or a company conference.
  4. _____ To receive positive, handwritten comments in the margin of a document you prepared.
  5. _____ To be invited to a barbecue or dinner party at the home of your boss.
  6. _____ To be given the opportunity to work flexible hours or work at home.
  7. _____ To attend a golf and tennis weekend at a beautiful resort with other award winners from the organization.
  8. _____ To be given the opportunity to purchase new tools and equipment to enhance your work.
  9. _____ To have your picture and a story about your work appear in the company or community newspaper.
  10. _____ To be asked for your opinion on a difficult organizational problem or a new business opportunity .
  11. _____ To be given the opportunity to speak about your work at an important professional conference.
  12. _____ To be offered the opportunity to learn anew system or operate some new equipment, or in other ways increase your skills and knowledge.
  13. _____ To have your picture displayed in a prominent location, along with either letters of commendation or a description of your work, or both.
  14. _____ To be asked to help a colleague get started with a project or solve a particularly difficult problem.
  15. _____ To receive verbal recognition for your work from a senior-level executive at a company forum attended by you and your colleagues.
  16. _____ A solution that you recommended is being implemented throughout the organization.
  17. _____ A customer or other stakeholder sends a letter to your boss, praising your work.
  18. _____ When you ask for help, your boss offers to pick up some of the load directly, share his/her expertise, or obtain outside assistance.
  19. _____ To be presented with a T -shirt, hat, or mug with your name or other indication on it that makes it clear that it is recognition for your work.
  20. _____ To be empowered to make decisions, or to be able to act in other ways that increase control over your work.


How Do You Like Your Recognition?
Score Sheet

Directions: Please transfer your responses to the columns below by placing a check beside the same numbers you checked on the survey, and then tally the columns.

Extrinsic Rewards            Intrinsic Rewards
or Recognition               or Recognition

1. _____                 2. _____
3. _____                 4. _____
5. _____                 6. _____
7. _____                 8. _____
9. _____                10. _____
11. _____                12. _____
13. _____                14. _____
15. _____                16. _____
17. _____                18. _____
19. _____                20. _____

TOTAL = _____            TOTAL = _____

This information was developed by Glenn Parker

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