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How Adventure can Help you Reach your Highest Potential | TIM WALTHER

By August 15, 2016February 17th, 2021No Comments


What’s the last adventurous thing you’ve done and how did you feel afterward? Personally, living in the mountains and traveling abroad has brought a whole new definition of adventure to me. I never prioritized it, but now I understand how much even one adventure can cause growth in my life mentally and physically. Our guest today has created a company that does just that- uses adventure to grow individuals to be more successful in their personal and professional lives.

Tim’s company, Grand Dynamics International, gives innovative experiential leadership training to provide the tactics and strategies for individuals and teams, in order to transform the way people work together. As Tim talks with me, he provides a wealth of knowledge, and you’ll be drawn into his adventurous stories and honest advice on helping people reach their highest potential, and how you can reach yours.

Links + Items mentioned:

Questions I ask:

  • How far should we push ourselves?
  • How can we possess more empathy?
  • What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from adventuring?
  • What’s your morning routine for success?


Takeaways from this episode:

  • The benefit of changing up habits often
  • How to tap into your potential to achieve anything
  • Tips on Public Speaking
  • Why adding more adventure is beneficial to your personal and professional life


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Photo Credit: Jonathan Selkowitz

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