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Holly Baade

By January 6, 2014August 1st, 2018No Comments

Holly Baade is Inspiring. She is a spiritual teacher, healer and shaman.
She is a Speaker of Empowerment, of Enlightenment, and Grace.

Invite Holly to be your speaker of choice if you are looking for a focus on Topics of Growing Interest and Concern.

Topics such as:

– Human Energy Managment

How do people gain and lose their energy each day? In order to gain anything in life, first you must have energy! People spend energy very unconsciouly, as if there is a hole in their “energy wallet” that they’re not aware of. In this topic, Holly focuses with humor and great insight on the Human Energy Management – and helps your audience to connect with their personal sources for energy renewal, as well as understand what contributes to their individual energy loss.

– Personal Ecology

The Human System is made up of Energy. Like a small personal-size eco system, this energy system must be looked to with conscious awareness. Have you ever felt like someone gave you some “negative” vibes, or a thought that you had was not your own, but perhaps some other “guys/gals.” Well, as science has begin to demonstrate – energy is everything. And thought follows into form. In order to change the world into a better place, first, we must begin with our own Personal Space!