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Program Highlights

Grand Dynamics Youth Leadership Development Teaches Emotional Intelligence

By June 12, 2010No Comments

Grand Dynamics staff Scotty McGee, Chris Zajchowski and Tim Walther delivered a youth leadership development program for 30 amazing youth participants. What an inspiring program!  The program took place in Sheridan, Wyoming and involved one day of training business mentors who have been working with the youth all summer and then two days of training with the youth.  The framework for the youth leadership development was on Emotional Intelligence. Prior to the training program Grand Dynamics utilized the Higher Education version of the BarOn EQ-i as a pre-assessment.

As part of the training each participant received one on one feedback and, along with the coaching and support of Grand Dynamics staff and business mentors, determined three primary competency areas that they wanted to focus on over the summer as part of their leadership development.

The mentor training involved teaching the mentors the concepts and competencies of Emotional Intelligence so they could mentor the youth in their competency development. The 2 day youth training focused on teaching the youth Emotional Intelligence Competencies through experiential exercises and adventure based programming.

Day one began with an interactive viewing of one-half of a World Cup Soccer Match – USA verses Algeria.  The goal was for the youth to observe as many possible emotions from the players, coaches, fans and spectators.  The match was incredible and ended up with a USA victory in injury time! As we processed the experience there were over 50 emotions that had been observed! This began the process of raising awareness of emotional states and concepts such as physiology and state management. The rest of the programming involved a series of experiential initiatives designed to teach the EQ competencies.  The day also combined coaching and feedback on the EQ Assessment for each individual youth participant.

Day two combined outdoor hiking and facilitated discussion about leadership and emotional intelligence.  As part of the program each participant rock climbed and processed the lessons of challenging climb to their lives and leadership development.

The youth will complete a post program EQ assessment as well.  The program concludes August 17th with closing ceremonies.  Tim Walther will be present to congratulate the youth and facilitate a closing session. Many thanks to Curtis Biggs who coordinated all the youth development efforts with Grand Dynamics and to all the youth mentors who have been coaching the mentors all summer.

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