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Grand Dynamics International Team Building programs help businesses operate better, faster and cheaper

By December 20, 2013August 1st, 2018No Comments

Wouldn’t it be nice if team building programs actually offered a way to measure team performance improvement in a way that has a bottom line impact? How can you actually do that? Our team expedition model with a better, faster, cheaper framework does just that. And we can do it in 4 hours or less.

The framework is below. When you finish reading this summary, contact Grand Dynamics for a special offer when you book the team expedition with a better, faster, cheaper framework!

Better Faster Cheaper Model

If you are looking to highlight the importance of critical team elements such as: Information sharing, effective communication, problem solving, decision making, improving team effectiveness and efficiency, reducing cycle time, improving strategy, networking and interacting with team members and collaborating as an organization. This program involves utilizing specific team metrics and tracking for a very specific examples of team performance improvement.

* Step 1: Teams participate and compete against, yet collaborate with, other teams to complete a series of team initiatives. Team performance is tracked throughout the entire program. There are many, many challenges to choose from! The essential ingredient is that the problem facing a team seems difficult, even impossible, at first and requires the entire group participating to be successful. Certain strategies and team processes allow for both increased effectiveness (task completion) and efficiency (time or resources to complete the task.) IE: How can you retrieve an object in the center of a 25 foot circle without touching the ground in 20 minutes or less? Check out our blog posting that explains a team building experiential initiative here: What is a team building experiential initiative?
* Step 2: Teams get together with other teams at the “information/collaboration station” where they network, interact, and share strategies for the various challenges. Specific guidelines are provided by GDI staff.
* Step 3: Teams implement continuous improvement strategies they learn from others to improve performance. GDI facilitators insert team models, methods and tools which provide a mechanism for improving the team performance.
* Step 4: Specific GDI metric tracking involves dynamic facilitation and review of the progression of HOW teams, divisions and an organizations become BETTER, FASTER and CHEAPER.
* Step 5: Teams debrief and share highlights and insights that transfer lessons learned to the workplace. Celebrate success!

OUR PROMISE: Grand Dynamics will track your team performance and facilitate the development of actual team behaviors specific to your team that either take away from or support effective team functioning. We have PROVEN STRATEGIES we are ready to have you experience them. Contact us today and take the test of the Team Expedition!

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