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Grand Dynamics Helps Team Adventure

By August 17, 2010January 5th, 2015No Comments

Tim & myself just recently went to the great city of Syracuse NY to help some good friends Master Rick Erickson & Tom Gardner with Team Adventure deliver a 100 person event for Owens Illinois which is the largest bottle manufacturing company in the world. Yes that’s right people IN THE WORLD!!! The event was a half day adventure where participants got a chance to experience elements from a high ropes course as well as back country navigation with compasses and hand held GPS units. The group was split into teams of 14 and asked to complete several challenges along their route and once the challenge was completed they were rewarded with puzzle pieces. These challenges included: Zip Lines, Leap of Faith, Ghetto Plumbing, Burma Bridge, Waterfall Plunge and many more.  After all the teams had arrived back at the headquarters they arranged all of their puzzle pieces to recreate the OI company logo and finished with a team photo. The event was a huge success. The final celebration ended with participants cooking their own steaks Argentinian style which is done by placing a high quality piece of meat directly on the coals.  We had previously built a 5 foot by 20 foot fire pit and burnt wood throughout the day so that when the participants were ready to cook the steaks we had a nice bed of cherry red coals waiting for them. The steaks turned out delicious as usual and everyone went home full of stories and great food. Until next time this is Will Leggett signing off!!!

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