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Grand Dynamics 2010 Highlights! Experiential Team Building and Leadership Development with HUGE IMPACT

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WOW What a Year!!!!!

This is the Grand Dynamics team coming to you live from blog land!  We are excited to share our highlight and insights from 2010 and the work and company we love!  Of course, this won’t be all encompassing, but it will give a great idea of the types of programs that Grand Dynamics delivers and a few of our personal adventures.

Before we get started,  let’s acknowledge and say YOU ROCK to all the Grand Dynamics team members – our core staff, alliance partners, resort resellers and all our contract staff that have made 2010 a banner year for Grand Dynamics. And, of course to all of our client-partners, THANK-YOU!!! YOU are THE BEST and continue to inspire us to make a positive difference in this world.

At GDI, we love what we do. Below is a sample of what we DID in 2010!

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We’re looking forward to celebrating and working together with YOU!

Client and Program Highlights

Sonic Automotive – Leadership and “Culture Infusion” through a  10 City  team building and leadership training roll out.  January – February, 2010 Blog Link and Video

Behind the Magic Curtain – This Jackson Hole Chamber sponsored Action Seminar revealed the secrets of successful customer service and what is really “Behind the Scenes” of the most successful businesses and their raving fan customers.

Readers Digest “Vermont Olympics” The event took Readers Digest Executives on a competitive journey around Southern Vermont where they had to milk cows, find hidden treasures and  shop at a historic country store.

Trinity Woman’s Lacrosse – The woman’s lacrosse team competed in a competitive GPS course where they had to locate lacrosse balls and solve challenges along the way of their 5k fitness work out. I like to think that we helped play a role in their championship run for the NCAA division title by building a great deal of rapport during the preseason.

Wyoming Workforce Annual Conference Workforce Conference  – How to Reinvigorate the Workforce program highlighting trends in Employee Engagement and the Top Ten Strategies for Reinvigorating the Workforce. (You’ll get all the info in our GD Secrets Email Series)

Sheridan Intensive Youth EQ Leadership Training involved the Baron EQ-i and experiential training to prepare youth for entering into the workforce. Here is the a link to the SIGNIFICANT RESULTS of the TRAINING.

Corporate Picnic for 1200 Employees of a New Jersey publishing company. This interactive incentive-based team building event was delivered with flawless execution. Here is a brief summary of the event.

The Grand Adventure – An eclectic group of individuals came together from across the country to learn Endurance Strategies for Life and culminated with a dramatic Grand Teton Summit amidst high winds. Go to the Grand Adventure page and get access to awesome beta! Check out the Grand Adventure Trip Report Blog.

The 2011 Grand Adventure is available for individuals and teams seeking the best coaches available in areas of leadership and health and wellness. Only 15 spots available for the August 2011 Grand Adventure. Access the Information Page about the 2011 Grand Adventure.

Mountain Seminar – This Indoor, Mountaineering Themed Event included a mountaineering keynote speech, experiential team building exercises and a culminating “Base Camp” challenge. * Excellent Themed Event for Annual Business Meetings or conference themed events.

Coins 3 Peaks Challenge – Adventure Race – This Industry Building Event in partnership with the Coins Foundation challenged participants to climb 3 New England Peaks (Whiteface, NY – Monadnock, NH, Mansfield, VT) in 24 hours to raise money for those in need world-wide. This year the program saw 80 participants cross the finish line and raised $75,000 for relief in Haiti. Read More Here: 3 Peaks 2010 Blog Summary

The 2011 3 Peaks is September 17-18, 2011. Check out the Awesome Web-Site for the event! Coins 3 Peaks USA 2011

Mountain Expedition – A GDI Hallmark program that involved mountaineering challenges as a metaphor for business leadership and teamwork. Themes addressed included communication, information sharing and courageous leadership. Awesome. No, I mean REALLY Awesome!

Customized Corporate Retreats – Several clients experienced the power of Grand Dynamics multi-day retreats (We call them an ADVANCE). East Coat to West Coast, throughout the year, we have resort partnerships and complementary amazing experiences that create the foundation for effective business meetings and outstanding results. One such Advance took place in Northern California and involved staying at multiple high-end resorts where participants experiences an incentive based team experience, experiential exercises, mountain biking, and paintball (Yes, Paintball!).

Seeking True North Annual Advance – The Book, written by GDI President Tim Walther with long time business partner and collaborator Erick Erickson laid the platform for this multi-day open enrollment program. This year the event took involved a multi-day back country experience in the Tetons of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Next year we have another awesome event for you! Seeking True North 2011

Cooperative Edge Business Development Experiential Training
– This customized training program for business teams involves pre-assessments and interviews to focus the training and facilitation on what is most important. Delivery is a carefully designed series of experiential team and leadership exercises woven with models, methods and tools to facilitate transference of the concepts and promote business results. For Wyoming Businesses, Grand Dynamics supports the use of the Wyoming Workforce Development Training funds for matching funds to off-set training fees. The Hand in Hand Childhood Education center was one such client that experience the cooperative edge with outstanding results.

The Grand Dynamics Assessment Center delivered a plethora of online insights to individuals. Our top selling assessments were the BarOn EQ-i and the DiSC Behavioral Profile.

International Programming
Grand Dynamics Associates delivered The Leadership Challenge Adventure, a 3 Day Intensive Program designed for transitioning aspiring mangers into leaders. This program utilized the LPI (Leadership Practices Inventory) with 1.5 days of indoor programming and 1.5 days of outdoor adventure based experiential leadership training. These programs were delivered in Spain, Germany, Mexico and Australia. Our Asia programs included customized adventure programs in Chiang Mai, Thailand and the Philipines.

Personal and Business Development for Grand Dynamics Staff:
At Grand Dynamics, we practice what we preach! Here are a couple of the training programs we invested in this year to facilitate the personal and professional growth for our staff and business.

Business Mastery – Tony Robbins and Business Mastery Staff – January, 2010 Vegas! Check out the 7 Forces of Business Mastery.

Unleash the Power Within – Tony Robbins – November, 2010 – New Jersey

Association for Experiential Education International Conference – November, 2010 – Vegas (again!)

GDI In the News
Fox Business News – Grand Dynamics is highlighted on Fox Business News for Experiential Leadership Training strategies n a challenging economy. Check out our You Tube Channel with the 2 minute Fox Business News Coverage.

Grand Dynamics’ feature television show The Winning Edge was featured across the USA in 137 countries world-wide. The show continues to air throughout 2011 around the world. USA LISTINGS WORLD WIDE LISTINGS

Personal Summits
GDI President Tim Walther traveled to the land of ice and snow to complete a full summit ascent of the Mooses Tooth in the Denali Range of Alaska. Get the full trip report Here: Mooses Tooth Alpine Climb

Will Leggett continued his Hunting Exploits

New Staff Reuben Gibson completed his first multi-pitch rock climb up Baxters Pinnacle in the Tetons

Josh Morris, GDI International Program Manager, competed in the World Climbing Competition televised on ESPN during the opening of the Sands Marina Resort, Singapore. Check out the videos and beta! World Climbing Blog

From all our staff at Grand Dynamics we wish you a healthy and happy new year!

If you haven’t filled out the form above to get access to our Grand Dynamics Secrets, NOW would be a good time!

A special thanks to many of our core delivery team:  Erick Erickson, Chuck Connelly, Stephanie Sibille, Stephen Koch, Scotty McGee, Gary Falk,  Stu Mittleman, Charlie Marshall, Glenn Slattery, Jessie Roy, Skyler Atkins, Scott Fessler, Reuben Gibson, Will Leggett, Todd Walther, Tim Walther, Sparky, and of course, TELOS!!!!

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