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Google’s quest to build a better boss

By March 16, 2011No Comments

Are you a “good” boss? Google’s “Project Oxygen” has taken a lot of time — a couple of years, actually — to study what makes a good boss. Their “people analytics” staff has come up with eight key attributes of good managers within their organization.

Among those eight attributes are:
* Technical expertise (go figure)
* Empower your team and don’t micromanage
* Having a clear vision and strategy for “the team”
* Helping your employees with career development
* “Don’t be a sissy: Be productive and results-oriented.” (personal favorite)
* Express interest in the teams success and personal well being.
* Be an effective and empathetic leader
* Be a good coach

Which one do you think ranks first? How about Last?

Well you guessed it, Be a good coach was number one. Technical expertise was last.
Strategy Hard. Leadership Soft. They got it right! At least on the surface.

The people at Google think it’s possible to make the process of grooming leaders a reliable, repeatable process. Their goal is to make the process of hiring and training leaders like any other human resources procedure. Read on to see if you agree…

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