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GDI Team Presents at NCCPS

By March 2, 2009No Comments

Today I awoke in Denver Colorado after playing percussion at a live show last night with my great friend Ivan Huber and his band – Art Compost and the Word Mechanics. Our music was the instrumental jam-band and warm up for the Poetry Slam – where random people would perform poetry to our eclectic instrumental fusion. It was a great way to finish up this stint in Colorado and another vivid example of people living out their passion through artistic expression.

Last week was largely spent in Colorado with the national and international GDI team at a “unconference” called NCCPS. The format for this conference is quite intriguing. The format is known as Open Space and essentially involves participants arriving at the conference with NO SET SCHEDULE. Have you ever been to a conference with NO SET SCHEDULE?

What an incredible concept!

About 200 experiential educators converged in Boulder Colorado to discuss the art and science of experiential learning including leadership, facilitation, work, play and team dynamics. I love this conference because it provides the platform for participants to present and discover the most important topics in their personal and professional growth. The entire agenda for the conference is created in the first 2 hours of the 3 day conference. This occurs by participants proposing that the time slots be filled with Presentations (a ready-to-go presentation) Workshops (a facilitated seminar with expertise provided upon request by the presenter) Discussions (facilitated conversation or activity around topics of interest) and I NEED (topics that participants want to have someone else present on.) This provides the platform for presenters to try new things and get feedback from the audience and to really dive into the topics that are most important. Each day the conference schedule is revisited and topics updated.

Grand Dynamics had an excellent presence and delivered several presentations including The Master Facilitator (Holly Baade), New Games and Activities (Will Leggett), Creating International Initiatives to Change the World (Josh Morris) and of course, SEEKING TRUE NORTH! I was inspired by our industry greats like Chris Cavert and Sam Sikes and the plethora of facilitators I was lucky to meet for the first time, many of whom have the potential to join the ranks of Grand Dynamics contract facilitators. One cool workshop even included how to design and deliver a team building workshop where participants find, build a GIANT CATAPULT! (technically it’s a Trebuchet :o)!

Thanks to Tom Leahy and the whole NCCPS crew and to everyone that SHOWED UP. I am looking forward to the drive home today and reflecting on all the great things in life and all the new opportunities that continue to unfold for Grand Dynamics. And also looking forward to strategization of the ACTION! The energy and vibe is positive and the universe continues to offer magical connections.

As I said in my NCCPS closing comments, There is Genius and Boldness in ACTION. Whatever you can dream to do, do it NOW. For Success is reserved for those that SEEK IT OUT. Happy Hunting!

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