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Fear and Challenge Free Telecon Tonight May 12, 8 PM EST

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Grand Dynamicshas been leading the charge in delivering adventure based training programs for 13 years.  A hallmark of GD programs involves challenging participants to move beyond what is comfortable, and often to break through fears.

Tonight at 8 PM EST I’ll be interviewing Scotty McGee, GDI Lead Facilitator and Exum Mountain Guide, about the most primal of all the human emotions: FEAR. 

Register now: Fear and Challenge:  The Grand Adventure Teleconference Series and get your dial in information. Can’t make it tonight? Register anyway and get access to a recording and key points later. Sweet!

Do you want to do something, but have fear blocking your path?   Would you like others to know how they can breakdown any fear?

As we live our lives stepping outside the comfort zone, moving through fear is a continuous process.  In my experience nothing highlights the SKILL of addressing fears and developing courage more than outdoor adventure, and in particular, rock-climbing. And as we focus on and develop these skills, we can apply the strategies in everyday life.  These principles are an integral part of our Grand Dynamics Team Building as well.  In our 13 years of facilitated adventures, Grand Dynamics has created a science of how to overcome fear and breakthrough to the next level.   

This is an integral part of one of our featured programs, The Grand Adventure – The ultimate leadership and team adventure program that culminates with climbing the Grand Teton August 19-22, 2010.  Tonight we’ll address any fears or questions about climbing a mountain – and in particular climbing the Grand Teton.  We’ll also share insights about frameworks and skills that allow any individual to move through moments of fears.

Let’s embrace our fears – and teach others this valuable skill set so that others important to you might benefit as well. Let’s eat fear for breakfast! 

Here’s the beta below. Register for the call Grand Adventure Teleconference Registration: Fear and Challengeand I will send you and overview of the program content and how you can get your specific questions answered.  If for any reason you CANNOT make the call tonight. Register anyway and I will follow up later and provide access to a recording of the call and summary of or most important points.

Wednesday, May 12th: 8 PM Eastern  with Scotty McGee

Grand Adventure Teleconference Registration: Fear and Challenge The answers to so many of our doubts and fears about climbing and mountaineering serve as some of the most powerful metaphors for life ‘in the valleys.’ When we overcome fears in the tangible realm of climbing, we can learn from and transform the salient points into real confidence and power in ‘real life.’ When we meet challenges and do things we thought impossible or improbable, we take away an ‘I can’ power that can help us overcome hurdles in our everyday existence, making molehills out of mountains, rather than vice versa.  Scotty Mcgee, an Exum Guide for 17 years and Grand Dynamics lead facilitator for 6 years, is an expert climbing guide, ski mountaineer and experiential learning facilitator.

I look forward to our call tonight.  And until then,  Live your adventure!

Tim Walther

Grand Dynamics

Grand Dynamics

PS:  NEXT WEEK I’ll be interviewing STU MITTLEMAN about Nutrition and Psychology.  The following week brings it all together with a Grand Adventure Overview call.  As always, we’re here for you to deliver your next team adventure!

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