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Experiential Training program in Morocco delivers impact for orphanage directors

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December 11, 2007 – Casablanca, Morocco

On December 11. 2007, Grand Dynamics President Tim Walther delivered an experiential training and development program in Casablanca, Morocco for management team members of the SOS Orphanage. The following is a summary of the lead-up to the training, the delivery, and the results.


In September of 2007, communication with Séverine Tragus began regarding possible support of orphanages in Morocco. Communication continued via email and in late November, Tim Walther of Grand Dynamics, along with Ryan Ernst visited the orphanage village in Ait Ourir, east of Marrakesh, Morocco. Following the site visit, a phone call with Séverine indicated an interest in training for the orphanage directors throughout Morocco. She referenced Beatrice, the orphanage director in saying, “The greatest need is how to improve the communication between the educators and the youth which will facilitate their development and improvement as positive, autonomous individuals in society.”

Séverine also referenced the Grand Dynamics web site and the story of the orphanage training in Thailand, which focused on creating the possibility of dreams and goals for the future and positive belief systems for the children. Subsequent communication determined a training date of December 11, 2007 for various managers of orphanages throughout Morocco.
On December 10, Tim Walther and Ryan Ernst met with the SOS staff to determine the focus of the training and to design the training program for the following day.

The following initial themes were determined in this initial meeting:
• Building relationships between management members and SOS administration
• Improving communication between management and the youth
• Personal and professional development models, methods and tools
• Teamwork models and methods
• Developing trust
• Highlighting leadership characteristics

Training Summary

The Grand Dynamics training for SOS Managers was delivered on Tuesday, December 11, 2007. Tim Walther was the facilitator for the program and assisted by two outstanding translators, Séverine Tragus and Alexine Casanova. A pre-program meeting with the SOS Director provided key information and insight to customize the training design. The training involved experiential and classroom style learning, and was specifically designed to open lines of communication, build trust, and generally create an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration. This group of managers maintained a positive attitude and energy throughout the training. There was a blend of interpersonal and group discussions throughout the day. In addition, several models, methods and tools were presented to address the training outcomes. The director of the SOS orphanages reported significant positive results with the staff attending and offered a warm letter of encouragement for Tim Walther to deliver training programs in the future.

Séverine Tragus
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