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Towner Tours- Downtown Jackson Hole

Overview and Information

Get ready to explore Jackson Hole in this FUN, Gamified experience of our town!
Travel like a local to iconic and secret downtown Jackson Hole locations while solving fun challenges and winning discounts and rewards from local JH Businesses, all guided by our smartphone app.
Protect yourself and our Jackson Hole community by maintaining social distancing protocols.

Search… and Discover

  • Combine human skills with smartphone technology
  • Locate course checkpoints and complete them via text, photos and videos
  • Learn about Jackson Hole

This registration is for one team (2-6 people recommended) per registration.
Each new team requires a separate registration, with a separate contact and email to receive the game access code.

You can always schedule your private event with multiple teams, by emailing us at info @

Whether you’re going for the high score or completing the course for fun, you’ll come away with a “Hole” new perspective of our iconic western town. This “JH Classic” downtown course takes about 2 hours and you can choose to do as little or as much as you like, taking as much time as you like while you are in town!


Upon registering you will receive the information necessary to download the Social Scavenger App used for this tour. You will also receive instructions and your unique game code to begin your tour. Please check your email coming from info @ granddynamics . com and follow instructions for your tour.

For a brief instructional video on how to play the game, please see our tutorial

JH Towner Tour

will feature

“Location Specific” and

“On the Go” challenges

Location Specific Challenges:

  • Locate checkpoints using the phone app
  • Text, multiple-choice, photos, videos, and maps are all integrated
  • 25 + public locations
  • One square mile radius course (approximately)

On the Go Challenges:

  • 25 + challenges that can be done anywhere
  • Trivia: Multiple choice and text-based questions
  • Puzzles and Riddles: Brain teasers and problem solvers
  • Sticker Photos: JH – themed digital stickers


Explore the Old and New West while you learn about Jackson Hole Culture and History


Navigate to Location-based checkpoints and solve “On the Go” challenges on the way


Earn rewards from JH Local Businesses for completing challenges!

Contact Us

REGISTRATION PROCESS: Event Bright’s Customer Service number at +1 877-297-6805 24/7

The Jackson Hole Towner Tours are available RAIN OR SHINE!!!
Find More Event Information at

What do I need to participate?

  • One fully charged smartphone – iPhone (Preferred) or Android per team.
  • We recommend bringing a backup charger for your phone (or an extra phone)
  • A positive attitude and your creative genius!

How long is the Classic JH Towner Tour?

As long as you like! Most teams enjoy up to 2 hours of FUN!

Do teams need to stay together?

YES! Your team will stay together. If you want to go separate ways, form a different team! Multiple team members may log into the game, using the same email and game code sent to you once you register.

How many people can play the game?

  • Recommend between 2 and 6 people per team (but individuals or a team of more can do it!)
  • Each team requires a separate registration
  • Each team uses one phone for event submissions

Can kids participate?

Yes! Kids love the challenges! There will need to be someone with a phone to navigate the course and appropriate supervision is recommended.

How do I travel the course?

  • Travel on foot, bike (use JH Public Bikes) or public or private transportation
  • Please obey all traffic laws and all town regulations

How do I know where to go?

  • Your Tour can be started anywhere, Jackson Hole Town Square is a great place to begin
  • Once you register you will receive instructions via email
  • Our integrated course map and list of challenges will give you “enough” information to find all the location-specific challenge checkpoints
  • You decide on the checkpoints you want to go to and in what sequence

How do teams submit their responses?

  • Teams submit responses via text, multiple-choice, photo or video
  • Responses are captured in our system and are automatically scored and points awarded

How do you "win"?

  • Fast or Fun – take as little or as long as you like
  • Teams accumulate points through submitting photos, videos and text responses.
  • More fun + more points = #winning

How am I rewarded?

  • Teams accumulate points and rewards as challenges are solved
  • SURPRISE! Some checkpoint completions will be rewarded with incentives from local JH businesses!

Can I capture the moment?

  • Yes! You will have all your photos and videos submitted on your phone to share on social media at Grand Dynamics Events
  • A video highlight reel of your event may be made available for purchase. Please email us (info @ for details

Will this be the only JH Towner Tour?

  • We offer many private event courses
  • This is first of many Public Towner Tours to be offered
  • We will be producing various courses and themed events
  • Grand Dynamics delivers customized courses for private events

The event is finished.


Jun 01 2021 - Aug 31 2021


4:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jun 01 2021 - Aug 31 2021
  • Time: 6:00 pm - 6:00 pm




Downtown Jackson
Jackson, Wyoming