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ALL IN! New Year’s Day Cold Plunge Adventure

Are you ready for Your First Bold Move of 2021?  

Your Mission… should you choose to accept it… to receive the gift of the first bold move of 2021, through the experience of raising your awareness, shifting your perceptions, breaking through barriers and embracing the experience of this unique Cold Plunge Adventure. 

YOU ARE INVITED to join Tim Walther and friends for the most unique virtual event you have ever experienced. You’ve likely heard of Wim Hof and the massive health benefits specific breathing techniques and cold immersion practices will bring.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR Jackson Hole LOCALS – Register or email tim at grand dynamics com for options for joining this event live! 

The ALL IN program, similar but different than the WHM, integrates ancient breathing techniques, adventure psychology, experiential learning and flow theory.  

WARNING: The techniques in this program may DRAMATICALLY improve your life! 

“This is the MOST unique Zoom experience I’ve ever had!”   Ana Maria

Why go ALL IN? 

Other than being the “coolest” thing you can imagine, the experience and research shows us that cold immersion and the tools and techniques in the ALL IN Program:

  1. Rapidly Builds Immunity
  2. Strengthens our Mindset
  3. Improves Cardiovascular (Heart) health
  4. Reduces stress
  5. Creates more energy
  6. Alkalizes the body 
  7. Improves stamina 
  8. Connects the body and mind through specific breathing patterns
  9. Provides techniques for rapid rewarming
  10. Turns the impossible into I’M POSSIBLE!

“Very invigorating. The progression worked Thank you!” – Jani

What is it?

You will learn: 

  • The SECRETS – What Wim Hof doesn’t tell you about cold immersion
  • Why practicing cold immersion will provide the mental and physical strength to achieve your goals and dreams in 2021
  • How it works – the science of cold immersion
  • The ancient art of Inner Fire Breathing
  • How to rewarm your hands, feet and body quickly 
  • How to avoid pain and shift your relationship with cold 

“Appreciated the kinesthetic plus explanation of physiology, while practicing these techniques.” – Mary

How will we do it?

Register today to receive your Zoom login, program instructions and resources.

Our program will include:

  • Welcome and Introduction to ALL IN: Your First Bold Move
  • Achieving your 2021 Vision and Goals 
  • Mindset and Breathing Techniques
  • Cold Immersion Progression and Practice 
  • Breakout rooms for connecting and debriefing experiences along the way
  • The Event Finale – ALL IN!

“VERY hands on. I am amazed.” – Darin

“Great format and flow. Re-inspired to chill myself regularly.” – Mizey

Create Your Breakthrough with your FIRST BOLD MOVE

Our program will give you the direction to create your own breakthrough for an All IN New Years day experience.  

  • Multiple ALL IN experiences will be presented for you to experience and choose from, including: 
  • Outside Meditation Sits (With little clothing)
  • Your first Cold Shower (Including the techniques for how to do it)
  • A full immersion cold plunge (In your bath or similar vessel)

Once you register you will receive instructions to prepare to go ALL IN!

“Great Use of Metaphor, Framing, Risk – The plunge was a great adventure!” – Jamie

Who is the presenter?

Tim Walther, President of Grand Dynamics, along with special guests, will facilitate your program.  Tim has worked with countless participants in adventure settings to help people navigate fear and resistance and create new breakthroughs in life and business.   Tim’s cold immersion experience began when he experienced hypothermia while attempting to swim 20 miles across 7 prominent lakes in Grand Teton National Park.

WATCH THIS VIDEO for a peek into Tim Walther’s Journey 

His journey to shift his relationship with cold took him to Iceland, where he completed a full immersion training with lead Wim Hof Trainers and participants from around the world.   After a full winter of practicing cold immersion in the Gros Ventre River of Jackson Hole, and integrating additional techniques based on years of corporate adventure training and extreme adventure experiences, he began teaching his ALL IN Cold Immersion program.   Since the onset of the Pandemic, Tim has been delivering virtual events including Adventure Spotlights, Team Building, Games, Magic, Give backs and, of course, Cold Immersions!  

“You are clearly someone people will want to follow. The program was Obviously Well Prepared” – Jim C

Who is this program for?  


  • Are NEW to cold immersion, this will be a perfect introduction. 
  • Are EXPERIENCED, you’ll build your skill set
  • Want to CONNECT with others, you’ll share an amazing experience on New Years Day 
  • Are READY TO START 2021 with a BOLD MOVE 
  • Want to LEARN strategies for health and vitality
  • Want to GAIN CONFIDENCE to achieve your dreams
  • Have a GREAT TIME!
  • Then YES, Let’s go ALL IN!

This is an all ages and abilities program. You will CHOOSE your ADVENTURE and level of challenge. 

“Unique opportunity, really interesting and really cool!” – Jake

How Much does it Cost? Priceless, of course!

$29 per Zoom Log In (Yes – Families & Friends are welcome to join together!) OR $49 for both ALL IN and VISION 2021!

“I’m ALL IN! This will be the best start of the new year I can possible imagine. A BOLD plunge then planning and strategy to put my dreams into action. THANK YOU!” JB

Our program continues on January 2nd, at the same time 24 hours later, where we will gather to Ignite and Reinvent our 2021 vision!  

Here we will provide our proven strategies for you to create a powerful life vision and the plan for how to live it! 

JOIN US!    



The event is finished.


Jan 01 2021

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jan 01 2021
  • Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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