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EIGER DREAMS – It’s Happening – We’re attempting the North Face! And you can be part of it all!

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Years ago I picked up a book by John Krakauer called Eiger Dreams. And so it began, a life-time dream to climb one of the most formidable challenges in the alpine arena – the Great North Face of the Eiger. I am proud to say that this dream is turning into reality this April when we make an attempt on the Great Face. Here’s the background and intro to what happens next and how you can be a part of it all!

An couple excerpts from his book – “The trickiest moves on any climb are the mental ones, the psychological gymnastics that keep terror in check, and the Eiger’s grim aura is enough to rattle anyone’s poise… Needless to say, all of this makes the North Face of the Eiger one of the most widely coveted climbs in the world.”


Since that day I have climbed many mountains and have been inspired by many people.  I owe much of my alpine dreams, success and, well, survival to my life long friend and partner Gary Falk.  Gary, and people like my brother Todd Walther who began it all for me, Ryan Ernst who I traveled the world with on many epic trips, Josh Morris who took it to an international scale, and many others have taught me some of the most valuable lessons in life as we climbed in the Tetons and around the world testing our physical and psychological limits.


This element of challenge is one that I have lived and taught through Grand Dynamics and our business of adventure and experiential learning in the corporate arena. And it is a driving force for me and one of the main reasons I am so attracted to the culture and environment of Jackson Hole. As a side note, YOU can come climb the Grand Teton with Gary and I and a team of inspired individuals this year in our Grand Adventure program which opens enrollment on March 8th. Check it out~ The Grand Adventure 2012.


Now there are climbing partners, and there are mentors and there are those you aspire to be like. One alpinist that I have aspired to be like, and to one day be good worthy enough to call a partner, is Stephen Koch. Koch has been a linchpin of Teton Mountaineering and snowboard mountaineering world wide. His feats are simply amazing. You can watch is movie trailer about snowboarding on the 7 summits to get an idea of who he is and what he had done.

In the past few years Koch and I have climbed the North Ridge of the Grand, on-sighted a unknown route on Sentinel Turret and have had a few awesome trips to Cody to nail first ascents on ice routes. One thing is for sure, Koch is has it together when it comes to safe, fast, strong and efficient climbing in the mountains.


As some of you may know, Koch has been a featured speaker for Grand Dynamics and aligned with our goal of inspiring people to do great things. And he does so very well. We have delivered mountain seminars together, team building events, and he has kicked off keynote speeches that left people awestruck at our events.


And after years of climbing, falling, sweating, screaming, navigating and dedicating much of my life to the mountains, I am finally at a place to make an attempt at something this big, challenging and frightening.

Last week we officially confirmed our flights. It’s happening. I am departing April 9th from Jackson to Zurich, and with the prayer for good weather and conditions, we will make an attempt on the 13th of April. Mark your calendars! And I AM PSYCHED!


If you happen to be unfamiliar with the North Face, you can read about it on the wiki overview of the Eiger North Face.  There was even a big movie made about it that came out in 2008, you can watch that here: North Face Movie Link  Surely I will be writing and posting more on this, so subscribe to the rss feed for updates.


We are seeking sponsorship for our climb and are offering a variety of ways to be a part of our experience so that we can share in the adventure together with you.  First off, we will be writing and taking photos and also carrying spot technology so you can monitor our progress on the climb!

For corporate sponsors, please contact us about speaking or programming around the climb and sponsorship benefits. For individual contributors, we want this climb to have a greater meaning than just supporting our adventure. This is part of my goal of philosophical adventure travel in life.  Adventure with a purpose, and a way to contribute to the greater good.

For this reason I am offering that a percentage of your choosing can go toward the charity benefit of your choice on behalf of Grand Dynamics and this Eiger North Face expedition. You can be involved in our climb and support a cause for the greater good.  One of our main supporting causes right now is the 100 girls in 100 days campaign which I have been supporting since my trip to Kenya in December.  If you want to be a part of that and support that cause, you can donate to Grand Dynamics and we will contribute toward that cause in whatever percentage you would like.

Contact me today to find our more details and our sponsorship posting will be posted soon with additional details. Just email info at granddynamics dot com!


Tim Walther


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