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Does Team Building Really Work?

By March 10, 2011No Comments

I have always wondered what resort representative think of team building and the value that comes from an event. When they Google Team Building, Corporate Retreats, or even Fun Activities for Corporate Groups are they thinking about the positive outcome the participants will gain from the experience or are they simply just trying to fill a time slot for the group. From my opinion it comes down to the initial contact with the resort representative and how you can describe your “Corporate Activities” to them with the understanding that Experiential Education really does help individuals become a Team. Also, if you can show statistical evidence that their is an return on investment after your programs they have no reason not to believe you. So when I go and present to new resorts sales reps. I make sure to reference our New York Time’s article about the ROI after one of our programs. I also like to provide an experience for them so that they can actually see the process of how our programs work. I will be visiting many new resorts in the next couple months so I will be sure to keep you updated on my interactions with the reps. and the Fun Team Building Games that we play.

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